Fund Council definition

Fund Council means the CGIAR Fund’s decision making body representing all Fund Donors.
Fund Council means the decision-making body for the CGIAR Fund acting on behalf of the Fund donors;
Fund Council means the council of the Fund, which is responsible for developing, adopting and evaluating the operational policies and programs for Fund-financed activities;

Examples of Fund Council in a sentence

  • The Fund Council and the Consortium are expected to determine and coordinate an appropriate degree of and approach for Fund Donor input into the development of CRP proposals.

  • The Trustee shall periodically update the Fund Council on new Contribution Agreements and Arrangements and new funds deposited into the CGIAR Fund.

  • The organizational structure of the CGIAR Fund consists of the following: Fund Council, Fund Office, Trustee, and Funders Forum.

  • This Governance Framework may thereafter be amended either by consensus of the Fund Council on the basis of proposed amendment text that was properly tabled for decision at a Fund Council meeting or electronically by affirmative written consent of each Fund Council Member, a decision by no objection not being sufficient.

  • The Trustee may disburse Contributions to the CGIAR Fund after such date only with the approval of the Fund Council.

  • Fund Donors rely, to the extent possible and except as specified in the Contribution Agreements and Arrangements, on the Fund Council for the collective exercise of rights and remedies on their behalf with respect to CGIAR Fund recipients.

  • The Fund Donors acknowledge and agree that the Trustee’s annual budget amounts approved by the Fund Council shall be adjusted as necessary at the end of each calendar year based on actual costs incurred for activities performed in accordance with the Trustee’s role and responsibilities.

  • All Fund Donors rely on the judgment of the Fund Council for collective decisions on their behalf, including CRP approvals and Window 1 fund allocations.

  • An entity must be in good standing and receive Fund Council approval to become a Fund Donor; provided that the Fund Council may develop further eligibility criteria for entities interested in contributing to the CGIAR Fund.

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