Fisheries Department definition

Fisheries Department means the Department for the purposes of the Fish Resources Management Act 1994;
Fisheries Department means the department principally assisting

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Also, the FAO Fisheries Department has been requested to report to COFI and to the United Nations General Assembly on the implementation of the Code.

Prepared by LGL Limited, Sidney, BC, and Tsawwassen Fisheries Department, Tsawwassen, BC.Blakley, A.C., K.K. English, and L.

Not less than 200m2 of office space is to be provided to accommodate the Board, the Port Controller, Rescue and Emergency Services, and staff from the Fisheries Department, Department of Marine and Harbours, the Education Department and the Department of Conservation and Land Management.

Proposals involving over 10 hectares of prime land, or 20 hectares of non prime land will require to be notified to the Scottish Office Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries Department.

The word “Department” appearing anywhere in the tender documents means Fisheries Department, Government of West Bengal, who have jurisdiction, administrative or executive, over part of whole of the works forming the subject matter of the tender or contract.

During the statutory restriction imposed by the Fisheries Department, the Ice Factories located at a distance not more than 5 Km. towards the land from the sea shore of the restricted zone will pay demand charges based on the actual maximum demand recorded during the billing period.

The Fisheries Department of Tuvalu (TFD) aims to conduct resource and socio-economic assessments in selected islands, and provide ongoing support to each of the islands to develop and implement management plans that would be approved by the island councils.

To inquire into other matters relating to the Fisheries Department the subject of questions in the Legislative Council which the Committee considers have had inadequate responses.

Acknowledgements These conservation guidelines were produced with financial support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries/ Department of Nature Conservation, the Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape/Division of Nature, and the DLO-Institute for Forestry and Nature Research (IBN-DLO, now Alterra, Wageningen) of the Netherlands.

However, these precious resources are under tremendous pressure and saw a 70% and 50% decline respectively from 2004 to 2009 country-wide (Fisheries Department 2009).

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Fire Department means an organized fire department as that term is defined in section 1 of the fire prevention code, 1941 PA 207, MCL 29.1.
Local health department means the same as that term is defined in Section 26A-1-102.
the Department means the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development;
Planning Department means the Planning Department of the City and County of San Francisco.
County department means the county or district department of social services.
U.S. Department of Energy means the Department of Energy established by Public Law 95-91, August 4, 1977, 91 Stat. 565, 42 U.S.C. 7101 et seq., to the extent that the department exercises functions formerly vested in the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, its chairman, members, officers and components and transferred to the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration and to the administrator thereof pursuant to Sections 104(b), (c) and (d) of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-438, October 11, 1974, 88 Stat. 1233 at 1237, effective January 19, 1975) and retransferred to the Secretary of Energy pursuant to Section 301(a) of the Department of Energy Organization Act (Public Law 95-91, August 4, 1977, 91 Stat. 565 at 577-578, 42 U.S.C. 7151,
Medication administration means the direct appli- cation of a prescribed medication whether by injection, inha- lation, ingestion, or other means, to the body of the client by an individual legally authorized to do so.
State department means the state department of human services.
Integrity Commissioner means the Integrity Commissioner appointed by Council pursuant to Section 223.3 of the Municipal Act, 2001;
Local department means the local department of social services of any county or city in this Commonwealth.
Health and Human Services Commission or “HHSC” means the administrative agency established under Chapter 531, Texas Government Code, or its designee.
Executive commissioner means the executive commissioner of the Health and Human Services Commission.
Compliance Department means the Chief Compliance Officer of Federated and those other individuals designated by him or her as responsible for implementing this Code and the Associated Procedures.
Insurance Regulatory Authority means, with respect to any Insurance Subsidiary, the insurance department or similar Governmental Authority charged with regulating insurance companies or insurance holding companies, in its jurisdiction of domicile and, to the extent that it has regulatory authority over such Insurance Subsidiary, in each other jurisdiction in which such Insurance Subsidiary conducts business or is licensed to conduct business.
Home health services means services and supplies that are provided by a home health agency that coordinates in- home intermittent services for curative, habilitative care, including home-health aide services, licensed nurse ser- vices, and medical supplies, equipment, and appliances.
Finance Department means the Finance Department of the Government of Assam;
government department means any department of the Government of the United Kingdom;
IWAI/ Authority/ Department/ Owner means the Inland Waterways Authority of India, which invites tenders on behalf of the Chairman, IWAI and includes therein-legal representatives, successors and assigns.
Head of the Department means the administrative head of the department or the organization;
Department Director means an employee of the City who is a member of management.
Information Commissioner means the UK Information Commissioner and any successor;
Deputy Commissioner means the Deputy Commissioner of the DEP Bureau of Customer Services, or designee.
Head of Department means the head of the Council department concerned with the particular tender or such person appointed by Council to act in that capacity.
Department Chair means the person with supervisory responsibility of a University unit. Such persons have titles that include department chair, director, or associate dean, depending on the structure of any particular school, college or other unit.