Lead hazard definition

Lead hazard means any substance, surface or object that contains lead and that, due to its condition, location or nature, may contribute to the lead poisoning or lead exposure of a child under 6 years of age.
Lead hazard means a lead-bearing substance that poses an
Lead hazard means any condition that causes exposure to lead

Examples of Lead hazard in a sentence

  • Lead hazard worker certifications will not be necessary if the project does not have lead paint (built after 1978 or tested negative for lead paint), or the project is cleared of lead hazards by a certified lead inspector, and the work performed by the homeowner will not create additional lead hazards.

  • A visual assessment alone is not considered an evaluation for the purposes of this part.(b) Lead hazard information pamphlet.

  • Lead hazard reduction activities must be conducted using safe work practices.

  • Lead hazard evaluation or control activities in housing covered by a pending or final HUD, EPA, and/or Department of Justice (DOJ) settlement agreement, consent decree, court order or other similar action regarding violation of the Lead Disclosure Rule (24 CFR part 35, Subpart A, or the equivalent 40 CFR part 745, subpart F), or by HUD or DOJ regarding the Lead Safe Housing Rule (24 CFR part 35, subparts B–R).

  • Lead hazard warning signs or labels shall be prominently displayed on the door of the locked containers, rooms, trucks, or other security measures shall be employed, including the use of barriers, barrier tape, or other measures approved by the department.

More Definitions of Lead hazard

Lead hazard means material that is likely to cause lead exposure and endanger an individual's health as set forth in rule 3701-32-19 of the Administrative Code. "Lead hazard" includes lead-based paint, lead-contaminated dust, lead-contaminated soil, and lead-contaminated water pipes.
Lead hazard means deteriorated lead-based paint, lead contaminated dust, lead contaminated soil, disturbing lead-based paint or presumed lead-based paint without containment, or any other nuisance which may result in persistent and quantifiable lead exposure.
Lead hazard means a lead-bearing substance that, because of its accessibility, poses a health hazard to humans.
Lead hazard means a lead bearing substance that poses an immediate health hazard to humans.
Lead hazard means a lead bearing substance that poses an immediate health hazard to humans. (Section 2 of the Act)
Lead hazard means a condition that presents a clear and significant health risk to occupants of a child care center, single-family house, dwelling unit and common areas, or premises, particularly where children reside. Lead concentrations in damaged paint, interior dust, bare soil, and/or drinking water which exceed the lead safe thresholds in § 3.7 of this Part are an immediate lead exposure hazard requiring corrective action at a regulated facility.
Lead hazard means any condition that causes exposure to lead from contaminated dust, lead-contaminated soil, lead containing coatings, lead- contaminated paint that is deteriorated or present in accessible surfaces, friction surfaces, or impact surfaces that would result in adverse human health effects: