Family Court of Australia definition

Family Court of Australia means the Family Court of Australia created by the Family Law Act;
Family Court of Australia means the Family Court of Australia established by the Family Law Act 1975 of the Commonwealth;

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  • These three factors are not always easy to reconcile given that one of the foundations of the adversarial system is the doctrine of procedural fairness whereas the genesis of s.215B is the Less Adversarial Trial [‘LAT’] approach in operation in the Family Court of Australia (for a discussion of which see section 3.5.7).

  • Employees are engaged to work in support of the following courts or tribunal: • Federal Court of Australia, • Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, and • National Native Title Tribunal.

  • Term used: value (in relation to transfer of property) For the purposes of this Act — (a) property transferred under a will or administration of an intestate estate is not taken to be transferred for value; and (b) property transferred in the course of proceedings in the Family Court of Western Australia or the Family Court of Australia is taken to be transferred for value.

  • Counselling and welfare facilities(1) Counselling and welfare facilities like those available to the Family Court of Australia are to be available to the Court.(2) The Court may cause to be advertised the existence and availability of the Court’s counselling and welfare facilities.

  • No information other than statistical data shall be provided for commercial purposes.

  • This uniform interpretation is potentially qualified by the continuing, though limited, jurisdiction of state court enforcement of federal family law, jurisdiction that is currently present only through the Family Court of Western Australia and subject to review by the Family Court of Australia.

  • See also In the Marriage of Knight [Family Court of Australia, unreported, 03/08/1989].

  • This is the converse of the situation in the Family Court of Australia where 'separate' child representation under ss.68L & 68LA of the FLA are based on 'the best interests model', a model which requires the advocate to present and argue his or her own professional view as to the child's best interests, even if this is inconsistent with the child's expressed wishes on the issue {ALRC Issues Paper #18, p.19}.

  • The FLA offers this option, on the condition that these state “family” courts are modeled after the Family Court of Australia, with informality and procedures conducive to the solution of family controversies.

  • With its establishment of the federal Family Court of Australia (FCA), Parliament shifted primary enforcement of national divorce laws from state to federal court.106 At the same time as it accomplished this procedural shift, Parliament abandoned fault-based grounds for divorce altogether and adopted a no-fault federal substantive standard.

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