Facilitating loan definition

Facilitating loan means a loan or real estate con- tract covering foreclosed property made by a mutual savings bank to the purchaser of the foreclosed property.

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  • Guarantees on their own are insufficient, as financial institutions cannot consider the guarantee a substitute for proper underwriting.o Thus, strengthening financial institutions capacity is key to ensuring effective delivery of financial products for slum dwellers and remains consistent with the institution’s overall safety and soundness guidelines.o Facilitating loan repayment and better mitigation of risks are areas in need of further improvement.

  • Facilitating loan and insurance availability for designated properties.B. Educational.

  • For purposes of this section the following words shall have the following meanings:(1) "Foreclosed property" means real estate or interest therein, or other property used in connection therewith acquired through foreclosure or similar action, deed of trust sales, or by deed in lieu of any thereof.(2) "Facilitating loan" means a loan or real estate con- tract covering foreclosed property made by a mutual savings bank to the purchaser of the foreclosed property.

  • Facilitating loan transfers, if permitted by employer plans, would further strengthen the employer system.

  • ABSTRACT: Facilitating loan and advances to customers is the main stream of banking business.

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  • Project Loan means the loan made by the Governmental Lender to the Borrower pursuant to the Project Loan Agreement in the original principal amount of $[AMOUNT], as evidenced by the Project Note.

  • Existing Loan means the loan identified on Exhibit H.

  • Funding Loan means the Funding Loan in the original maximum principal amount of $ made by Funding Lender to Governmental Lender under the Funding Loan Agreement, the proceeds of which are used by the Governmental Lender to make the Borrower Loan.

  • Construction Loan means the loan obtained from SouthTrust Bank, National Association in the principal amount of $1,311,517 at an interest rate equal to the SouthTrust Base Rate plus 2.00% per annum until construction completion to provide funds for the acquisition, renovation and/or construction and development of the Project. Where the context admits, the term "Construction Loan" shall include any deed, deed of trust, note, security agreement, assumption agreement or other instrument executed by, or on behalf of, the Partnership or General Partner in connection with the Construction Loan.

  • PPP Loan has the meaning set forth in Section 3.28.

  • Subsidy Loan Any Mortgage Loan subject to a temporary interest subsidy agreement pursuant to which the monthly interest payments made by the related Mortgagor will be less than the scheduled monthly interest payments on such Mortgage Loan, with the resulting difference in interest payments being provided by the employer of the Mortgagor. Each Subsidy Loan will be identified as such in the Mortgage Loan Schedule.

  • Subloan means a loan made or proposed to be made by the Borrower out of the proceeds of the Loan to a Qualified Enterprise for a Qualified Project; and

  • A Loan means any of the following, except as provided in paragraph “b”:(1) The creation of debt by the lender’s payment of or agreement to pay money to the debtor or to a third person for the account of the debtor.(2) The creation of debt by a credit to an account with the lender upon which the debtor is entitled to draw immediately.(3) The creation of debt pursuant to a lender credit card in any manner, including a cash advance or the card issuer’s honoring a draft or similar order for the payment of money drawn or accepted by the debtor, paying or agreeing to pay the debtor’s obligation, or purchasing or otherwise acquiring the debtor’s obligation from the obligee or the obligee’s assignees.(4) The creation of debt by a cash advance to a debtor pursuant to a seller credit card.(5) The forbearance of debt arising from a loan.b. “Loan” does not include:(1) A card issuer’s payment or agreement to pay money to a third person for the account of a debtor if the debt of the debtor arises from a sale or lease and results from use of a seller credit card.(2) The forbearance of debt arising from a sale or lease.

  • Existing Loans has the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals to this Agreement.

  • Refinancing Loan shall have the meaning provided in Section 2.14(h)(i).

  • SOFR Loan means a Loan that bears interest at a rate based on Adjusted Term SOFR, other than pursuant to clause (c) of the definition of “Base Rate”.

  • Initial Loan means the first Loan made by the Lenders under this Agreement.

  • Additional Loan means the Eligible Loans evidenced by a Note or Notes sold from time to time during the Supplemental Purchase Period pursuant to an Additional Purchase Agreement and related documentation, together with any guaranties and other rights relating thereto including, without limitation, Interest Subsidy Payments and Special Allowance Payments.

  • Facility A Loan means a loan made or to be made under Facility A or the principal amount outstanding for the time being of that loan.

  • VA Loan means a Mortgage Loan which is subject of a VA Loan Guaranty Agreement as evidenced by a loan guaranty certificate, or a Mortgage Loan which is a vendor loan sold by the VA.

  • New Loan means a Loan made by the Failed Bank after the Bid Valuation Date that is not a continuation, amendment, modification, renewal, extension, refinancing, restructuring or refunding of or for any then-existing Loan.

  • Conventional Loan A Mortgage Loan that is not insured by the United States Federal Housing Administration or guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Fixed Rate Loan means a Competitive Loan bearing interest at a Fixed Rate.

  • Real Estate Loan means any debt obligation that is (a) directly or indirectly secured by a mortgage, deed of trust or similar Lien on commercial real estate, residential real estate, office, retail or industrial property or undeveloped land, is underwritten as a mortgage loan and is not otherwise associated with an operating business or (b) a loan to a company engaged primarily in acquiring and developing undeveloped land (whether or not such loan is secured by real estate).

  • Sub-loan means a loan made or proposed to be made out of the proceeds of the Loan to a Beneficiary for a Development Project;

  • CD Loan means a Committed Loan which bears interest at a CD Rate pursuant to the applicable Notice of Committed Borrowing or Notice of Interest Rate Election.

  • A Advance means an advance by a Lender to the Borrower as part of an A Borrowing and refers to a Base Rate Advance or a Eurodollar Rate Advance, each of which shall be a "Type" of A Advance.

  • Loan Advance Complete Outgoing Wire Request section below if all or a portion of the funds from this loan advance are for an outgoing wire. From Account # To Account # (Loan Account #) (Deposit Account #) Amount of Advance $ All Borrower’s representations and warranties in the Loan and Security Agreement are true, correct and complete in all material respects on the date of the request for an advance; provided, however, that such materiality qualifier shall not be applicable to any representations and warranties that already are qualified or modified by materiality in the text thereof; and provided, further that those representations and warranties expressly referring to a specific date shall be true, accurate and complete in all material respects as of such date: Authorized Signature: Phone Number: Print Name/Title: OUTGOING WIRE REQUEST: Complete only if all or a portion of funds from the loan advance above is to be wired. Deadline for same day processing is noon, Pacific Time Beneficiary Name: Amount of Wire: $ Beneficiary Bank: Account Number: City and State: Beneficiary Bank Transit (ABA) #: Beneficiary Bank Code (Swift, Sort, Chip, etc.): (For International Wire Only) Intermediary Bank: Transit (ABA) #: For Further Credit to: Special Instruction: By signing below, I (we) acknowledge and agree that my (our) funds transfer request shall be processed in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreements(s) covering funds transfer service(s), which agreements(s) were previously received and executed by me (us). Authorized Signature: 2nd Signature (if required): Print Name/Title: Print Name/Title: Telephone #: Telephone #: EXHIBIT D Form of Borrowing Resolution (See attached) CORPORATE BORROWING CERTIFICATE BORROWER: Relypsa, Inc. DATE: May , 2013 BANK: Silicon Valley Bank I hereby certify as follows, as of the date set forth above:

  • Permitted Advance means an advance of funds by the Assuming Bank with respect to a Shared-Loss Loan, or the making of a legally binding commitment by the Assuming Bank to advance funds with respect to a Shared-Loss Loan, that (i) in the case of such an advance, is actually made, and, in the case of such a commitment, is made and all of the proceeds thereof actually advanced, within one (1) year after the Commencement Date, (ii) does not cause the sum of (A) the book value of such Shared-Loss Loan as reflected on the Accounting Records of the Assuming Bank after any such advance has been made by the Assuming Bank plus (B) the unfunded amount of any such commitment made by the Assuming Bank related thereto, to exceed 110% of the Book Value of such Shared-Loss Loan, (iii) is not made with respect to a Shared-Loss Loan with respect to which (A) there exists a related Shared-Loss Loan Commitment or (B) the Assuming Bank has taken a Charge-Off and (iv) is made in good faith, is supported at the time it is made by documentation in the Credit Files and conforms to and is in accordance with the applicable requirements set forth in Article III of this Commercial Shared- Loss Agreement and with the then effective written internal credit policy guidelines of the Assuming Bank; provided, that the limitations in subparagraphs (i), (ii) and (iii) of this definition shall not apply to any such action (other than to an advance or commitment related to the remediation, storage or final disposal of any hazardous or toxic substance, pollutant or contaminant) that is taken by Assuming Bank in its reasonable discretion to preserve or secure the value of the collateral for such Shared-Loss Loan.

  • Funding Loan Agreement means the Funding Loan Agreement, of even date herewith, among the Governmental Lender, the Fiscal Agent and the Funding Lender, as it may from time to time be supplemented, modified or amended by one or more amendments or other instruments supplemental thereto entered into pursuant to the applicable provisions thereof.

  • Substitute Loan A mortgage loan substituted for a Deleted Loan pursuant to the terms of this Agreement which must, on the date of such substitution, (i) have an outstanding principal balance, after application of all scheduled payments of principal and interest due during or prior to the month of substitution, not in excess of the Scheduled Principal Balance of the Deleted Loan as of the Due Date in the calendar month during which the substitution occurs, (ii) have a Mortgage Interest Rate not less than (and not more than one percentage point in excess of) the Mortgage Interest Rate of the Deleted Loan, (iii) have a remaining term to maturity not greater than (and not more than one year less than) that of the Deleted Loan, (iv) have the same Due Date as the Due Date on the Deleted Loan, (v) have a Loan-to-Value Ratio as of the date of substitution equal to or lower than the Loan-to-Value Ratio of the Deleted Loan as of such date, (vi) have a risk grading at least equal to the risk grading assigned on the Deleted Loan, (vii) is a “qualified mortgage” as defined in the REMIC Provisions and (viii) conform to each representation and warranty set forth in Section 6 of the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement applicable to the Deleted Loan. In the event that one or more mortgage loans are substituted for one or more Deleted Loans, the amounts described in clause (i) hereof shall be determined on the basis of aggregate principal balances, the Mortgage Interest Rates described in clause (ii) hereof shall be determined on the basis of weighted average Mortgage Interest Rates, the terms described in clause (iii) hereof shall be determined on the basis of weighted average remaining term to maturity, the Loan-to-Value Ratios described in clause (v) hereof shall be satisfied as to each such Substitute Loan, the risk gradings described in clause (vi) hereof shall be satisfied as to each such Substitute Loan and, except to the extent otherwise provided in this sentence, the representations and warranties described in clauses (vii) and (viii) hereof must be satisfied as to each Substitute Loan or in the aggregate, as the case may be.