Executing Agencies definition

Executing Agencies means the Institute/Organisation authorised by MoRTH.
Executing Agencies means the Borrower’s agencies that will implement the Project, as set forth in Schedule 5 to this Agreement;
Executing Agencies means AFE-COHDEFOR, DICTA, SGJ and INA;

Examples of Executing Agencies in a sentence

  • Execution Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Limited (TRANSCO); Madhya Pradesh Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited (DISCOM–C); Madhya Pradesh Poorv Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited (DISCOM–E); and Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited (DISCOM–W) are the Executing Agencies for the appropriate Subprojects.

  • The State and Executing Agencies (EAs) will monitor the implementation of Subprojects through to their completion of each subproject.

  • The Executing Agencies will be guided by a Coordinating Committee chaired by the Managing Director of TRANSCO who has experience at major project delivery and loan disbursement.

More Definitions of Executing Agencies

Executing Agencies means, collectively, the Borrower’s Ministries and other Governmental Agencies referred to in the Annex to Schedule 2 to this Agreement;
Executing Agencies means those agencies of the Borrower that, once a State of Emergency is declared, shall participate in the recovery and reconstruction activities deriving from a catastrophic event in the Borrower’s territory.
Executing Agencies means collectively, relevant government agencies and government ministries involved with Project implementation as set forth in the PIM (as hereinafter defined), including the MoEFB, CP, CFE, MoHe and MoHy (as hereinafter defined);
Executing Agencies means any expatriate public authority and expatriate public or private corporation as well as any organization whether public or private, accepted by the two Governments and contracted by Denmark to implement the Specific Agreements referred to in Article I, paragraph 2 above.
Executing Agencies means collectively APEPA, CAFE do PR, DEFIS, DER-PR, EMATER-PR, IAPAR, IPARDES, ITCF-PR, OCEPAR, RFFSA, SUREHMA and UFPR and "Executing Agency" means any one of such Executing Agencies;
Executing Agencies means jointly APN, SAGPyA, and SAyDS.