Excursion gambling boat definition

Excursion gambling boat means a boat, ferry, or other floating facility licensed by the gaming commission on which gambling games are allowed.
Excursion gambling boat means a casino gambling facility licensed in accordance with Applicable Law.

Examples of Excursion gambling boat in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, a failure by Owner to perform Owner's obligations due to a lack of finances or due to a strike, lockout or failure of supply caused by the wrongful act or omission of Owner, or its partners, or their affiliates that operate the Excursion Gambling Boats or Excursion Gambling Boat Support Facilities, shall not be deemed to be a cause beyond Owner's reasonable control.

  • Buyer agrees to keep Seller reasonably informed of the efforts of Buyer or any other ACI Entity related to the pursuit of a license from the Missouri Gaming Commission for an Excursion Gambling Boat within a 50-mile radius of the Leased Site.

  • The foregoing notwithstanding, if this Agreement has been terminated by Buyer due to a failure to satisfy one (1) or more of the conditions set forth in Section 4.3 hereof, then the foregoing obligation to pay the balance of the Purchase Price shall also be conditioned upon the exclusive endorsement by St. Louis County of the Alternate Site (to the exclusion of all other sites within the Prime Territory) for the development and operation by the ACI Entity of an Excursion Gambling Boat.

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  • Excursion means a departure from an indicator range established for monitoring under this paragraph, consistent with any averaging period specified for averaging the results of the monitoring.

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  • Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act means the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, 2013 (Act 16 of 2013);

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