Definition of Excluded Code

Excluded Code means files and groups of files that are governed by a separate (e.g., signed or click-wrapped terms, or terms provided within the file itself and acknowledged through use of the file) license agreement. Software licensed by Licensee under GPL, BSD or other open source licenses Is Excluded Code unless agreed by Licensor otherwise in writing.

Examples of Excluded Code in a sentence

Excluded Code, even if owned and controlled by us, will not be supported by us and is in no way warranted, indemnified or otherwise endorsed by us under this Agreement.
You may now possess or may receive, from us, from our contractor or agent, or from another party or source, Excluded Code that functions or is intended to function with our Components, but which is not licensed under this Agreement.
Customers Use of the Excluded Code will be subject to the terms and conditions of such other license agreement solely to the extent such terms and conditions are inconsistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement or are required by such other license agreement.
Cadence will identify such Excluded Code in a text file or about box or in a file or files referenced thereby (and shall include any associated license agreement, notices and other related information therein), or the Excluded Code will contain or be accompanied by its own license agreement.
By using or not uninstalling such Excluded Code after the initial installation of the Excluded Code Customer acknowledges and agrees to all such license agreements, notices and information.