EOB definition

EOB means ‘Explanation of Balance” for Title XIX Short-Doyle/Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services which is the State DHCS adjusted claim data and “Explanation of Benefits’ for Medicare which is the Federal designated Fiscal Intermediary’s adjudicated Medicare claim data;
EOB means the explanation of benefit from an Obligor that identifies the services rendered on account of the Receivable specified therein.

Examples of EOB in a sentence

  • The Part D EOB provides more information about the drugs you take, such as increases in price and other drugs with lower cost sharing that may be available.

  • If you think that you have reached the coverage gap and did not get a discount when you paid for your brand name drug, you should review your next Part D Explanation of Benefits (Part D EOB) notice.

  • Members pay 25% of the negotiated price and a portion of the dispensing fee for brand name drugs.If you reach the coverage gap, we will automatically apply the discount when your pharmacy bills you for your prescription and your Part D Explanation of Benefits (Part D EOB) will show any discount provided.

  • If all or part of a claim is denied, the reason will be stated in the EOB.

  • Claims that are subject to this type of ForwardHealth-initiated claim adjustment will have EOB (Explanation of Benefits) code 8234 noted on the RA (Remittance Advice).

More Definitions of EOB

EOB means Explanation of Benefits. The form explains how your bill was processed and should be saved for tax purposes and other future reference.
EOB means an Explanation of Benefit or any comparable form or statement communicating to a Plan Member the results of Company’s adjudication of claim(s) with respect to or on behalf of such Plan Member.
EOB means the explanation of benefits, remittance advice or other record that is provided by an Account Debtor explaining how it determined the amount it shall or shall not pay with respect to an Account of which it is the Account Debtor.