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Domiciled means a place where:
Domiciled means the location of the headquarters of the trade or business from which the trade or business of the foreign person is principally managed and directed.
Domiciled. With respect to any Obligor with respect to, or issuer of, a Collateral Obligation:

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Jack Britton et al., How English Domiciled Graduate Earnings Vary with Gender, Institution Attended, Subject and Socio-Economic Background (The Institute for Fiscal Studies, 2016).

Rights of Surviving Spouse in Property Acquired by Decedent While Domiciled Elsewhere, 1 Cal.

Please be aware that N.J.S.A. 18A:38-1 and N.J.A.C. 6A:22 specify that a free public education will be provided to any student between the ages of 5 and 20, and to certain students under 5 and over 20 as specified in other applicable law, who are: • Domiciled in the district, i.e., living with a parent or guardian whose permanent home is located within the district.

WHO IS A RESIDENT?A resident is an individual who is either:• Domiciled in this State for any part of the taxable year; or• Maintains a place of abode in this state and spent more than 183 days of the taxable year in this State.If you must file a tax return as a part-year resident, you may elect to file either a resident or non-resident return.ADDRESS CHANGE:If you move after you have filed your amended return, you should notify the Division of Revenue of your address change.

Our investments and their limits were shown and the proposed changes for 2019/20 to provide additional options in the event there are issues with existing Money Market Funds domiciled in Luxembourg and Ireland were highlighted as:- A new category of UK Domiciled Pooled Funds has been created with a limit of £5m per fund (there are currently two and the council has accounts with both);A new category of Corporates (excluding the Council Company) has been created with a limit of £250,000 per company.

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Domiciled means, with respect to any Obligor with respect to a Collateral Loan, its country of organization or incorporation.
Domiciled means, with respect to any Obligor with respect to, or issuer of, a Collateral Obligation: (a) its country of organization; (b) if it is organized in a Tax Jurisdiction, each of such jurisdiction and the country in which, in the Servicer’s good faith estimate, a substantial portion of its operations are located or from which a substantial portion of its revenue is derived, in each case directly or through subsidiaries (which shall be any jurisdiction and country known at the time of designation by the Servicer to be the source of the majority of revenues, if any, of such Obligor or issuer) or (c) if its payment obligations in respect of such Collateral Obligation are guaranteed by a person or entity that is organized in the United States or Canada, then the United States or Canada.
Domiciled has a correlative meaning.
Domiciled means having a true, fixed, principal, and permanent residence to which an individual intends to return.
Domiciled means physically residing in the unit with intent to remain.
Domiciled means a resident of the State of Georgia (per OCGA 50-36-1et. seq.) on the date of application, and a person who has a per manent home or abode in Georgia to which, whenever such person is absent, he or she has the intention of returning. There will be a rebuttable presumption that the following person is a resident: