Domiciled definition

Domiciled means a place where:
Domiciled. With respect to any Obligor with respect to, or issuer of, a Collateral Obligation:
Domiciled means, with respect to any Obligor with respect to a Collateral Loan, its country of organization or incorporation.

Examples of Domiciled in a sentence

  • If more than one qualified person (as described in Section 1 under Domiciled Resident, and Section 7.8.1 Eligibility Requirements) whose name does not appear on another license applies to hold the license, the Selectboard shall hold a public lottery within 14 days to impartially determine who shall be granted the right to use such available acreage for aquaculture.

  • Beryl Securities Limited (The Company), incorporated on under the Companies Act, 1956 is a public Limited Company Domiciled in India having its registered office at 133, Kanchan Bag, Indore (MP) and its Shares are listed On Bombay Stock Exchange.

  • Comparability and Representativeness of Clinical Homeless, Community Homeless, and Domiciled Clinic Samples: Physical and Mental Health, Substance Use, and Health Services Utilization.

  • Totals (Lines 9401 through 9403 + 9498) (Line 940 0 0 00 0 0 00 0 0 0above) XXX 0(L) Licensed or Chartered - Licensed Insurance Carrier or Domiciled RRG; (R) Registered - Non-domiciled RRGs; (Q) Qualified - Qualified or Accredited Reinsurer; (E) Eligible - Reporting Entities eligible or approved to write Surplus Lines in the state; (N) None of the above - Not allowed to write business in the state.

  • PHYSICIANS INDEMNITY RISK RETENTION GROUP, INC., a Nevada Domiciled Association Captive Insurance Company, Respondent.

More Definitions of Domiciled

Domiciled means the location of the headquarters of the trade or business from which the trade or business of the foreign person is principally managed and directed.
Domiciled means having a true, fixed, principal, and permanent residence to which an individual intends to return.
Domiciled means physically residing in the unit with intent to remain.
Domiciled. With respect to any Obligor:
Domiciled means that place where an individual has his/her true, fixed and permanent home and which constitutes his/her primary residence and whenever the individual is absent he/she has the intention of returning. To be certified as an individual domiciled in the City of New Britain, an applicant shall have filed proof of domicile at the time of filing his/her application for employment. Subsequent verification may be required at time of appointment.
Domiciled means County in which primary residence is located;
Domiciled means maintained a domicile.