Distributed Generator definition

Distributed Generator means a person who owns or operates Distributed Generation;
Distributed Generator or “Embedded Generator” means an electricity generation plant producing Embedded Generation.

Examples of Distributed Generator in a sentence

  • As a condition of interconnection, pursuant to the Mississippi Distributed Generator Interconnection Rule, MPC is required to provide certain data, including but not limited to confidential customer information to the Mississippi Public Service Commission.

More Definitions of Distributed Generator

Distributed Generator. – means a generator that is not defined as a Micro- Generator, or
Distributed Generator means a person who owns or operates Distributed Generation; "Distribution Services" means the service of distribution, as defined in section 5 of the Act; "Distributor" means the party identified as such in this Agreement;
Distributed Generator means any generator that is not defined herein as an emergency generator.
Distributed Generator means any new or existing generator with a nameplate capacity less than 15 MW that generates electricity for other than emergency use. Electricity generated may be used either on-site or for sale under an agreement with a utility, other market participant or system operator. Such a generator may also generate electricity for use during an emergency but is not defined as an emergency generator. Such a generator may burn two fuels simultaneously but is not defined as a dual-fuel generator.
Distributed Generator means a stationary generator that may be used during an emergency, during testing, and for maintenance purposes, as well as for any other purpose at times other than during an emergency.
Distributed Generator means a Person who delivers Energy to the Facilities as set out in these T’s & C’s and includes a Micro-Generator;