Distributed Entity definition

Distributed Entity means any Subsidiary of the Company distributed in a Spin-Off Transaction. “Distributed Propertyshall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 9(a)(2).

Examples of Distributed Entity in a sentence

Such certificate shall also contain a brief statement of the facts requiring such adjustment and the computation by which such adjustment was made, or, if applicable, the facts requiring the creation of such Distributed Entity Component and the computation of such Underlying Number.

If the Rights have one or more Distributed Entity Components at the time such Rights are exercisable, the Holder may, in accordance with Section 4.08, irrevocably exercise such Right as to its MusicCo Component, any or all of its Distributed Entity Components, or any combination thereof.

The Rights Agent shall not at any time be under any duty or responsibility to any Holder to determine whether any facts exist that may require any adjustment or the creation of any Distributed Entity Component hereunder, or with respect to the nature or extent of any such adjustment when made or of any such Distributed Entity Component when created, or with respect to the method employed in making such adjustment or calculating the Underlying Number of such Distributed Entity Component.

The Liquidation Preference of the Convertible Preferred Stock will be allocated between the shares of Mirror Preferred Stock and Exchange Preferred Stock in accordance with the relative fair market value of the assets and businesses to be held by the Distributed Entity and the assets and businesses to be retained by the Company, as determined in good faith by the Board of Directors after consultation with the Majority Holders.

The Foreign Distributed Entity shall furnish the Foreign Distributing Entity at least thirty (30) days before the due date (excluding extensions) of any such Foreign Distributing Entity Return with a final copy of the information necessary for the Foreign Distributing Entity to complete such Foreign Distributing Entity Return.