Definition of Credit Suisse Securities

Credit Suisse Securities means Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC.
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Examples of Credit Suisse Securities in a sentence

Each Issuer Free Writing Prospectus, as of its issue date and at all subsequent times through the completion of the public offer and sale of the Offered Securities or until any earlier date that the Company notified or notifies Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC ("Credit Suisse") as described in the next sentence, did not, does not and will not include any information that conflicted, conflicts or will conflict with the information then contained in the Registration Statement.
For the purposes of Section 13(c) of this Agreement: Party A appoints as its Process Agent: Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC Eleven Madison Avenue New York, NY 10010 Attention: General Counsel Legal and Compliance Department Party B appoints as its Process Agent: Not applicable.
If immediately prior to the Renewal Deadline (as hereinafter defined), any of the Offered Securities remain unsold by the Underwriters, the Company will prior to the Renewal Deadline file, if it has not already done so and is eligible to do so, a new automatic shelf registration statement relating to the Offered Securities, in a form satisfactory to Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC ("Credit Suisse").
Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC ("CSSU") will provide administrative services with respect to the Institutional Shares, Advisor Shares, Class A shares, Class B shares, Class C shares and Class I shares of each Fund.
All communications hereunder will be in writing and, if sent to the Underwriters, will be mailed, delivered or telegraphed and confirmed to the Representatives, c/o Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC, Eleven Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010-3629, Attention: LCD-IBD, or, if sent to the Partnership, will be mailed, delivered or telegraphed and confirmed to it at c/o CVR Energy, Inc., 2277 Plaza Drive, Suite 500, Sugar Land, Texas 77479, Attention: Edmund S.