Complimentary drink(s definition

Complimentary drink(s means individual servings of the licensee’s liquor inventory made in exchange for the immediate receipt of goodwill which shall be valued at the licensee’s prices routinely charged to cash-paying customers.

Examples of Complimentary drink(s in a sentence

  • Complimentary drinks to be confined to designated, controlled access areas.(ii) No promotional mechanics, games etc will be allowed at these events designed to encourage excessive consumption.

  • Complimentary drinks provided by the venue are based on a maximum wedding party of 120 guests.

  • Complimentary drinks including an elegant premium wine list from the SkyeCellar (subject to availability), and Michelin-level cuisine prepared by an executive chef are included aboard the AirCruise aircraft.

  • Conditions Children under 12 years are admitted free - Complimentary drinks are limited to two per person, subsequent drinks and all snacks are subject to payment.

  • It is critical that the Property Manager and RSC develop strategies to address conflict directly and in a timely fashion.

  • Complimentary drinks were served before dinner, which featured Beef Burgundy.

  • Business and government continuity of operations planners have begun using these notification systems to expedite communications.

  • Do you offer any of the following drink specials?Happy HourOther promotional events Complimentary drinks College nightDouble for single prices Athletic contests or events 2 for 1 drinksAll you can drinkDrinking contests Ladies night Drinks over 24 oz.

  • Complimentary drinks at all CCIM Institute functions will be limited to two (2) drinks per attendee and this policy be monitored on a continued basis by the Executive Committee.

  • Usually, before purchasing rebates are paid out, there is an agreement set up between the channel partner and the supplier regarding the factors used to calculate the rebate.

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