Definition of Compilations

Compilations means compilations of programs with or without new elements (i.e. footage, hostess wrap, graphics, etc.).

Examples of Compilations in a sentence

Compilations of data or numerical information shall never constitute a statement or a warranty.
Compilations of Programs previously provided to Company shall be considered New Programs if such compilations are prepared in a manner consistent with Licensor's activities in 2001 and the number of such compilations provided hereunder shall be consistent with the number produced in 2001.
Compilations of data and analyses, underwriting process and parameters, material processes, technical data, specific program information, trade or industrial practices, computer programs, formulae, systems, research, records, reports, manuals, documentation, customer and supplier lists, data and databases relating thereto, and technology and methodology regarding specific projects; andiv.
Nothing herein shall prevent ICP from using Member Information to compile, for ICP's internal use, statistical or demographic information or for other legal purposes ("Compilations"); such Compilations may only be used for ICP's internal purposes and shall be deemed to be AOL Confidential Information, provided that, ICP shall be able to use such aggregate numbers included in the Compilations for general information purposes.
Confidential Compilations" shall mean any Documents or compilations prepared by or for Purchaser which contain, reflect or are based upon Confidential Data.