Company Email Address definition

Company Email Address means the business email address of the Company as specified on the Company’s profile on SEDAR;
Company Email Address means the business email address of the Company as

Examples of Company Email Address in a sentence

  • COMPANY INFO (Required): Legal Name of Company: Tax ID (EIN): Company Address: Company Phone Number: Company Email Address: Enterprise Status: (check all that apply): a.

  • Agreed By: Title: Company: Email Address: Date: Return Signed agreement to Public Relations Communications Guide‌ Risk & Insurance® has developed a public relations statement that can be used to describe the Power Broker® award in a press release, Web site and other marketing materials.

  • Taritas Delivery: As RequestedContact Person Address: Same As Above Company E-mail Address and/or Company Web Site: or www.saudermfg.comRemittance Address: P.O. Box 638540, Cincinnati, OH 45263-8540Certification Type (SBE,MBE or None): None Agrees to Supply Political SubDivisions: YesPrompt Payment Terms: 0% 00 Net 45 CONTRACTOR INFORMATION: REFER TO THE CONTRACT ON THE DAS PROCUREMENT WEB PAGE FOR THE MOST CURRENT CONTRACTOR INFORMATION.

  • No.: Company Fax No.: Company Email Address: Company Address: Signature over Printed Name of Authorized OfficerPosition: Department: Company Tel.

  • Specify as DBE*, along with the type of DBE, or non-DBE* with the following information: Name of Company: Name of Owners: Address of Company: E-mail Address of Company: Telephone Number: Date of Proposal: * Business Type of DBE: Description of work to be performed (Furnish data for additional subcontractors on plain bond paper).

  • No.: 860-257-7909 Fax No.: 860-257-7777 Contract Value: $100,000.00 (est.) Contact Person: Kirk Springsted Delivery: Per specifications Company E-mail Address and/or Company Web Site kspringsted@ccpa-inc.orgCertification Type (SBE,MBE, WBE or None): SBE Terms: Net 30 Days Agrees to Supply Political SubDivisions: N/ANOTE:This Contract will remain in effect in accordance with C.G.S. 4a-82 as amended by Public Act 13-227.

  • Authorized Signature (required) Printed Name Title Arizona Transaction (Sales) Privilege Tax License Number Federal Employer Identification Number For clarification of this offer contact: (If different from above) Contact Name E-mail Address Telephone Number Company Name Address City, State, Zip Telephone Number Fax Number Company E-mail Address (SAMPLE CONTRACT)TOWN OF QUEEN CREEK, ARIZONACONTRACT FOR MUNICIPAL SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM, RFP NO.

  • Questions from: Company: Email Address: #DateReference SectionQuestion or CommentCity Response1 2 3 4 ATTACHMENT F‌INTENT TO RESPOND FORM RFP: Transit Development Plan Dated Fax or email the following Intent to Respond form to within three (3) days of RFP date even if your company chooses NOT to participate in the RFP.

  • Mendocino’s water source was from hundreds of privately owned wells.

  • Name of Present Employer: Address of Present Employer: Company Email Address: Employer Contact Person’s name: Appointment/Designation of applicant: Company-sponsored: Yes / No If company sponsored, all correspondence will be sent to the company’s office address.

Related to Company Email Address

  • Delivery Address means the address stated on the Order.

  • Last known address means the address the Tax Administrator has at the time a document is originally sent by certified mail, or any address the Tax Administrator can ascertain using reasonable means such as the use of a change of address service offered by the postal service or an authorized delivery service under Section5703.056 of the ORC.

  • Undeliverable address means an address to which the postal service or an authorized delivery service under Section5703.056 of the ORC is not able to deliver an assessment of the Tax Administrator, except when the reason for non-delivery is because the addressee fails to acknowledge or accept the assessment.