Comcast Subsidiary definition

Comcast Subsidiary means a Subsidiary of Comcast.

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Each of Comcast Trust and Comcast Subsidiary has performed in all material respects all obligations and agreements and has complied in all material respects with all covenants in this Agreement and in any Transaction Document to which it is a party to be performed and complied with by it at or before Closing.

During the period prior to the Closing, the parties agree to cooperate with each other in order to comply with WARN, including, but not limited to, Holdco or its Affiliates providing to Transferred System Employees and any applicable governmental entities or other required persons (on behalf of itself and Comcast Subsidiary) any notice and other requirements under WARN.

Any Local Retransmission Consent Agreements which Comcast Subsidiary elects to have Holdco assume pursuant to this Section 7.5 shall be included in the Transferred Assets.

During the time between the Closing and the Closing Time, Comcast Subsidiary and its Affiliates shall operate or cause to be operated the Transferred Systems and Transferred Assets in the usual, regular and ordinary course and shall not take any action for the purpose of changing the calculation of the Closing Adjustment Amount.

Immediately following the Closing, Comcast shall cause the Comcast Transferred System Employees to be paid base salary or wage rates no less than those rates provided to such employees immediately prior to the consummation of the Holdco Transaction and to be provided benefit plan participation at levels no less favorable than those applicable to similarly situated employees of Comcast Subsidiary or its Affiliates at the time of the Closing.

Comcast Subsidiary or its Affiliates shall cause the Comcast 401(k) Plan to accept cash eligible rollover distributions (as defined in Section 402(c)(4) of the Code) by Comcast Transferred System Employees with respect to account balances distributed to them on or after the Closing Date by the Time Warner Cable 401(k) Plan.

A true and complete copy of any such Post-Closing Consent shall be delivered to each of Comcast Subsidiary and Holdco promptly after it has been obtained.

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All other terms and conditions for the provision of Transitional Services shall be reasonably satisfactory to both Comcast Subsidiary and Time Warner Cable and subject to applicable Legal Requirements.

This Agreement has been negotiated by Comcast Trust, Comcast Subsidiary and Time Warner Cable and their respective legal counsel, and legal or equitable principles that might require the construction of this Agreement or any provision of this Agreement against the party drafting this Agreement shall not apply in any construction or interpretation of this Agreement.

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Operating Subsidiary means a majority-owned subsidiary of a financial
JV Subsidiary any Subsidiary of a Group Member which is not a Wholly Owned Subsidiary and as to which the business and management thereof is jointly controlled by the holders of the Capital Stock therein pursuant to customary joint venture arrangements.
Parent Subsidiary means any Subsidiary of Parent.
ORE Subsidiary means any Subsidiary of the Assuming Bank that engages solely in holding, servicing, managing or liquidating interests of a type described in clause (A) of the definition of “Other Real Estate,” which interests have arisen from the collection or settlement of a Shared-Loss Loan.
SPE Subsidiary means a direct or indirect Subsidiary of the Borrower to which any Obligor sells, conveys or otherwise transfers (whether directly or indirectly) Portfolio Investments, which engages in no material activities other than in connection with the purchase or financing of such assets and which is designated by the Borrower (as provided below) as an SPE Subsidiary:
Subsidiary means a “subsidiary corporation,” whether now or hereafter existing, as defined in Section 424(f) of the Code.
Issuer Subsidiary means any subsidiary of the Issuer.
Non-U.S. Subsidiary means any Subsidiary that is organized under the laws of a jurisdiction other than the United States of America or any State thereof or the District of Columbia.
Current Subsidiary means any Person in which the Company on the Subscription Date, directly or indirectly, (i) owns any of the outstanding capital stock or holds any equity or similar interest of such Person or (ii) controls or operates all or any part of the business, operations or administration of such Person, and all of the foregoing, collectively, “Current Subsidiaries”.
Acquisition Subsidiary means (a) any Subsidiary of the Borrower that is formed or acquired after the Closing Date in connection with Permitted Acquisitions, provided that at such time (or promptly thereafter) the Borrower designates such Subsidiary an Acquisition Subsidiary in a written notice to the Administrative Agent, (b) any Restricted Subsidiary on the Closing Date subsequently re-designated as an Acquisition Subsidiary by the Borrower in a written notice to the Administrative Agent, provided that such re-designation shall be deemed to be an investment on the date of such re-designation in an Acquisition Subsidiary in an amount equal to the sum of (i) the net worth of such re-designated Restricted Subsidiary immediately prior to such re-designation (such net worth to be calculated without regard to any Guarantee provided by such re-designated Restricted Subsidiary) and (ii) the aggregate principal amount of any Indebtedness owed by such re-designated Restricted Subsidiary to the Borrower or any other Restricted Subsidiary immediately prior to such re-designation, all calculated, except as set forth in the parenthetical to clause (i), on a consolidated basis in accordance with GAAP, and (c) each Subsidiary of an Acquisition Subsidiary; provided, however, that (i) at the time of any written re-designation by the Borrower to the Administrative Agent of any Acquisition Subsidiary as a Restricted Subsidiary, the Acquisition Subsidiary so re-designated shall no longer constitute an Acquisition Subsidiary, (ii) no Acquisition Subsidiary may be re-designated as a Restricted Subsidiary if a Default or Event of Default would result from such re-designation and (iii) no Restricted Subsidiary may be re-designated as an Acquisition Subsidiary if a Default or Event of Default would result from such re-designation. On or promptly after the date of its formation, acquisition or re-designation, as applicable, each Acquisition Subsidiary (other than an Acquisition Subsidiary that is a Foreign Subsidiary) shall have entered into a tax sharing agreement containing terms that, in the reasonable judgment of the Administrative Agent, provide for an appropriate allocation of tax liabilities and benefits.
Financing Subsidiary means an SPE Subsidiary or an SBIC Subsidiary.
Joint Venture Subsidiary means any entity (other than a Financing Partnership) in which (i) a Joint Venture Parent owns at least 50% of the economic interests and (ii) the sale or financing of any Property owned by such Joint Venture Subsidiary is substantially controlled by a Joint Venture Parent, subject to customary provisions set forth in the organizational documents of such Joint Venture Subsidiary with respect to refinancings or rights of first refusal granted to other members of such Joint Venture Subsidiary. For purposes of the preceding sentence, the sale or financing of a Property owned by a Joint Venture Subsidiary shall be deemed to be substantially controlled by a Joint Venture Parent, if such Joint Venture Parent has the ability to exercise a buy-sell right in the event of a disagreement regarding the sale or financing of such Property.
Project Subsidiary any Subsidiary of the Borrower whose sole business is the ownership and/ or operation of a Project or Projects and substantially all of the assets of which are associated with or acquired or utilized in such Project.
Project Financing Subsidiary means any Restricted Subsidiary of the Borrower (or any other Person in which Borrower directly or indirectly owns a 50% or less interest) whose principal purpose is to incur Project Financing or to become an owner of interests in a Person so created to conduct the business activities for which such Project Financing was incurred, and substantially all the fixed assets of which Subsidiary or Person are those fixed assets being financed (or to be financed) in whole or in part by one or more Project Financings.
Subsidiary Entity means a person that is controlled directly or indirectly by another person and includes a subsidiary of that subsidiary;
Permitted Subsidiary Any one or more single purpose entities that are wholly-owned by the Issuer and are established exclusively for the purpose of taking title to mortgage, real estate or any Sensitive Asset in connection, in each case, with the exercise of remedies or otherwise.
Partnership Subsidiary means Host LP and any partnership, limited liability company, or other entity treated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes or disregarded as a separate entity for federal income tax purposes in which either Host REIT or Host LP owns (or owned on or after January 1, 1999) an interest, either directly or through one or more other partnerships, limited liability companies or other entities treated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes or disregarded as a separate entity for federal income tax purposes (whether or not Host REIT or Host LP has a controlling interest in, or otherwise has the ability to control or direct the operation of, such entity). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the term “Partnership Subsidiary” shall not in any way be deemed to include the Non-Controlled Subsidiaries or subsidiaries thereof, the Taxable REIT Subsidiaries or subsidiaries thereof, or the Subsidiary REITs or subsidiaries thereof.
IDI Subsidiary means any Issuer Subsidiary that is an insured depository institution.
Controlled Subsidiary means any Subsidiary of the Company, 50% or more of the outstanding equity interests of which are owned by the Company and its direct or indirect Subsidiaries and of which the Company possesses, directly or indirectly, the power to direct or cause the direction of the management or policies, whether through the ownership of voting equity interests, by agreement or otherwise.
Company Subsidiary means any Subsidiary of the Company.
Acquired Subsidiary or “Acquired Subsidiaries” means one or more, as applicable, Subsidiaries of the Failed Bank acquired pursuant to Section 3.1.
Wholly-Owned Consolidated Subsidiary means any Consolidated Subsidiary all of the shares of capital stock or other ownership interests of which (except directors' qualifying shares) are at the time directly or indirectly owned by the Borrower.
Wholly Owned Restricted Subsidiary of any Person means a Restricted Subsidiary of such Person all of the outstanding Capital Stock or other ownership interests of which (other than directors' qualifying shares) shall at the time be owned by such Person or by one or more Wholly Owned Restricted Subsidiaries of such Person and one or more Wholly Owned Restricted Subsidiaries of such Person.
Securitization Subsidiary means any Subsidiary formed for the purpose of, and that solely engages only in one or more Qualified Securitization Facilities and other activities reasonably related thereto.
Foreign Subsidiary Holding Company any Restricted Subsidiary of the Borrower which is a Domestic Subsidiary substantially all of the assets of which consist of the Capital Stock of one or more Foreign Subsidiaries.
Operating Subsidiaries means, collectively, the Corporation and HST, each a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Trust, and "Operating Subsidiary" means either of the Corporation or HST, as applicable.