Cleaning agent definition

Cleaning agent means any product, including but not limited to soaps and deter- gents, containing a surfactant as a wetting or dirt emulsifying agent and used primarily for domestic or commercial cleaning pur- poses, including but not limited to the cleansing of fabrics, dishes, food utensils and household and commercial premises. “Clean- ing agent” does not include foods, drugs, cosmetics, insecticides, fungicides and roden- ticides or cleaning agents exempted under ORS 468B.135.
Cleaning agent means any laundry detergent, dish-washing compound, household cleaner, metal cleaner, degreasing compound, commercial cleaner, industrial cleaner, phosphate compound or other substance intended to be used for cleaning purposes;
Cleaning agent means the components used in the SRS to dissolve the support material.

Examples of Cleaning agent in a sentence

  • Do not wash with: Cleaning agent, acidic Cleaning agent, alkaline Solvents/Thinner After eye contactRinse immediately carefully and thoroughly with eye-bath or water.

  • Do not wash with: Cleaning agent, acidic Cleaning agent, alkaline Solvents/Thinner After eye contactIn case of contact with eyes flush immediately with plenty of flowing water for 10 to 15 minutes holding eyelids apart and consult an ophthalmologist.

  • Cleaning agent, materials and equipments to be provided by the company.13.

  • Solvents: Cleaning agent recommended by the manufacturer of the sealant in writing to Architect.

  • Cleaning agent submittals must be accompanied by current MSDS documentation.

  • Application of the substance / the mixture Cleaning agent/ Cleaner.

  • Cleaning agent shall contain no solvents, phosphates or release VOCs and shall be environmentally friendly.

  • It provides knowledge on Co-ordination, Laying out, Department organization, Cleaning agent, materials, supplies and equipment, and different services.

  • Cleaning agent will be provided by DFCCIL.2. Sweeping complete floor area of office building and after that wet wiping before arrival of officials.3. Empting all rooms dustbin.4. Cleaning all washbasins and attached mirror.5. Cleaning all out let of Office building to avoid choaking.6. Collected garbage to be disposed to municipality collect point.

  • Rust and other Corrosion products, Stainless Finishes Cleaning agent: Oxalic acid.

More Definitions of Cleaning agent

Cleaning agent means a compound composed of inorganic
Cleaning agent means any product, including but not limited to soaps and deter- gents, containing a surfactant as a wetting or dirt emulsifying agent and used primarily for domestic or commercial cleaning pur-
Cleaning agent means an employee or agent of the Cleaning Service Provider designated to carry out the Booked Services;
Cleaning agent means soaps and detergents used for domestic or commercial cleaning purposes, including the purposes of cleaning fabrics, dishes, eating and cooking utensils, homes or commercial premises, but the term does not include cosmetics and personal hygiene products like toothpaste, shampoo, and hand soap.
Cleaning agent means a laundry detergent, dishwashing compound, household cleaner, metal cleaner, degreasing compound, commercial cleaner, industrial cleaner, phosphate compound, or other substance intended to be used for cleaning purposes. Cleaning agent does not include any of the following:

Related to Cleaning agent

  • Cleaning means the act of removing septage or other wastes from a wastewater treatment system component or grease/waste from a grease interceptor.

  • Construction Agent means any registered or licensed

  • Cleaning solvent means a fluid containing VOC used to perform surface preparation, or cleaning of surface coating equipment. Cleaning solvent does not include thinners, reducers or other solvents that may be used to adjust the solvent content of coatings.

  • Replacement Agent means the Fiscal Agent or, in respect of any Tranche of Notes, the Paying Agent named as such in the relevant Final Terms or Drawdown Prospectus (as the case may be);

  • Cleaner means an employee engaged in cutting or trimming off loose ends of cotton or cloth left on garments or parts of garments by previous operators;

  • Chelating agent means amine polycarboxylic acids, hydroxycarboxylic acids, gluconic acid, and polycarboxylic acids.

  • Contracting agent means any officer, school board, board or commission of the state, or a state institution supported in whole or in part by state funds, authorized to enter into a contract for a state project or to perform a state project by the direct employment of labor.

  • Elevator means any hoisting or lowering device to connect floors or landings, whether or not in service, and all appliances pertaining to the elevator, including any car, platform, shaft, hoistway, stairway, runway, power equipment and machinery; THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE:

  • Receiving Agent means the receiving agent appointed pursuant to the Receiving Agent Letter.

  • Graffiti shall not include: (1) any sign or banner that is authorized by, and in compliance with, the applicable requirements of the San Francisco Public Works Code, the San Francisco Planning Code or the San Francisco Building Code; or (2) any mural or other painting or marking on the property that is protected as a work of fine art under the California Art Preservation Act (California Civil Code Sections 987 et seq.) or as a work of visual art under the Federal Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 (17 U.S.C. §§ 101 et seq.). Any failure of Contractor to comply with this section of this Agreement shall constitute an Event of Default of this Agreement.

  • Verification Agent As defined in Section 3.28.

  • Dry cleaning facility means a facility engaged in the cleaning of articles of fabric in an essentially nonaqueous cleaning solvent by means of one or more washes in solvent, extraction of excess solvent by spinning, and drying by tumbling in an air stream. The facility includes, but is not limited to, washers, dryers, filtration and purification systems, waste disposal systems, holding tanks, pumps, and attendant piping and ductwork.

  • Clean (or ‘Cleaned’) means, as the case requires:

  • Dry cleaning means the process of cleaning articles using perchloroethylene.

  • Billing agent means any entity that submits charges to the billing utility on behalf of itself or any provider of a product or service.

  • Cyanoacrylate adhesive means any adhesive with a cyanoacrylate content of at least 95% by weight.

  • Electrical contractor means an electrical contractor as defined in the Regulations;

  • Existing Agent has the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals hereto.

  • Disbursement Agent means Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and its successors and permitted assigns, or such other entity as mutually agreed upon by Agent and Seller.

  • Dry cleaning fluid means any non-aqueous liquid product designed and labeled exclusively for use on: fabrics which are labeled "for dry clean only", such as clothing or drapery; or S-coded fabrics. Dry cleaning fluid includes, but is not limited to, those products used by commercial dry cleaners and commercial businesses that clean fabrics such as draperies at the customer's residence or work place. Dry cleaning fluid does not include spot remover or carpet and upholstery cleaner. For the purposes of this definition, S-coded fabric means an upholstery fabric designed to be cleaned only with water-free spot cleaning products as specified by the Joint Industry Fabric Standards Committee.

  • bargaining agent means the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.

  • Elevator contractor means a person that is engaged in the business of constructing, installing, maintaining, repairing, or altering elevators, including the installing or maintaining of electric wiring, fixtures, apparatus, and appliances in connection with the operation or control of elevators.

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaner means a cleaning product designed for the purpose of eliminating dirt and stains on rugs, carpeting, and the interior of motor vehicles and/or on household furniture or objects upholstered or covered with fabrics such as wool, cotton, nylon or other synthetic fabrics. “Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner” includes, but is not limited to, products that make fabric protectant claims. “Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner” does not include “General Purpose Cleaners”, “Spot Removers”, vinyl or leather cleaners, dry cleaning fluids, or products designed exclusively for use at industrial facilities engaged in furniture or carpet manufacturing.

  • commission agent means any person who acts on behalf of another person and causes sale or purchase of goods, or provision or receipt of services, for a consideration, and includes any person who, while acting on behalf of another person —

  • Trash means solids not considered to be highly flammable or explosive including, but not limited to clothing, rags, leather, plastic, rubber, floor coverings, excelsior, tree leaves, yard trimmings and other similar materials.

  • Procurement Agent means the district representative duly authorized to enter into and administer Contracts and make written determinations with respect to this solicitation or his/ her designee.