Class G Component definition

Class G Component. The Component having such designation.
Class G Component. Any of the Class G Component G-1 or Class G Component G-2.
Class G Component means a component of the beneficial interest in REMIC III evidenced by the Class G Certificates, which component represents a Component Notional Amount equal to the Certificate Balance of the REMIC II Regular Interest G.

More Definitions of Class G Component

Class G Component. With respect to the Class X Certificates, at any date of determination, that portion of the Notional Amount of the Class X Certificates equal to the Lower-Tier Principal Amount of the Class LG Uncertificated Interest.
Class G Component. The Class [X-B] Component having such designation.
Class G Component means, in respect of the Class S Combination Notes, a component thereof, the terms and conditions applicable to which (save for those relating to issuance or transfer thereof) are the same as €9,041,000 in original principal amount of Class G Subordinated Notes in respect of each€25,000,000 in original principal amount of Class S Combination Notes.
Class G Component. The Class X-G Component having such designation.

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