Brief definition

Brief means a written statement that contains a summary of the facts of a proceeding, the pertinent laws, and an argument of how the law applies to the facts supporting a position.
Brief has the meaning set forth in Section
Brief means a written document containing an argument or arguments supporting a party’s position. A brief may, but is not required to, include citations to specific laws, regulations, or other authorities. A brief may be in the form of a letter, other informal writing, or formal legal writing.

Examples of Brief in a sentence

  • Brief: grants to expand services to children affected by methamphetamine in families participating in family treatment drug court: Children affected by methamphetamine (CAM) brief.

  • Brief description of litigation history (disputes, arbitration, claims, etc.), indicating current status and outcomes, if already resolved.12.

  • Brief Description of Services Performed or to be Performed and Date(s) of Service, including officer(s), employee(s), or Member(s) contacted, for Payment Indicated in Item 11: (attach Continuation Sheet(s) SF-LLLA, if necessary)15.

  • In case a question / issue does not apply to a tenderer, the same should be answered with the remark "not applicable".Wherever necessary and applicable, the tenderer shall enclose certified copy as documentary proof / evidence to substantiate the corresponding statement.In case a tenderer furnishes a wrong or evasive answer against any of the under mentioned question/ issues, its tender will be liable to be ignored.1. Brief description and of goods and services offered:2.

  • Brief discussions of the outcomes of several projects may be appropriate in a collaborative proposal.

More Definitions of Brief

Brief shall have the meaning set forth in Section 18.5(b).
Brief means an outline of Daimler Entity’s requirements for the Services to be performed by the Supplier;
Brief means a written statement that summarizes the facts of a proceeding, states the pertinent laws, and argues how the laws apply to the facts supporting a position.
Brief means the document attached to the Memorandum of Agreement which describes the Project and sets out the details of the Assignment. All other amendments/variations made due to the Project shall also be regarded as part of the works to be included under this Assignment;
Brief means instructions to a barrister to appear as an advocate before a Court; "Call" means Call to the Bar in accordance with the Bar Training Regulations;4
Brief means the document contained in schedule X identifying IWM's requirements in relation to the Project including those as to scope, cost and timing as the same may be amended from time to time in accordance with IWM's instructions;