Breakup Fee definition

Breakup Fee has the meaning set forth in Section 10.3.
Breakup Fee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.6(a).
Breakup Fee means an amount, in cash, equal to $85,444,783.80.

Examples of Breakup Fee in a sentence

  • In no event shall the Company be required to pay the Breakup Fee to Parent on more than one occasion.

  • Accordingly, each party hereby consents to the issuance of injunctive relief by any court of competent jurisdiction to compel performance of such party's obligations and to the granting by any court of the remedy of specific performance of its obligations hereunder; provided, however, that if Parent receives the Breakup Fee pursuant to Section 8.3 it shall not also be entitled to specific performance to compel the consummation of the Merger.

  • To the extent that the Transaction Expenses exceed the Breakup Fee, the Investor shall be entitled to deduct such excess amount from the payment of the Subscription Amount owed in connection with the First Closing.

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  • In the event that a Qualifying Transaction closes, holders of Toy Biz common stock (other than the Debtors) shall receive on the Consummation Date an amount of Cash equal to the Toy Biz Cash Distribution less the Breakup Fee and certain professional fees which net amount shall be payable in immediately available funds in accordance with instructions to be provided to the Debtors by Toy Biz on or before the Consummation Date.

More Definitions of Breakup Fee

Breakup Fee means Cash in the amount of the breakup fee payable pursuant to the Convertible Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement to DPI or its assignees, but in no event more than eight million dollars ($8,000,000).
Breakup Fee means an amount in cash equal to $2,100,000.
Breakup Fee means an amount, in cash, equal to $78,500,000.
Breakup Fee means an amount, in cash, equal to $94.2 million.
Breakup Fee means an amount equal to $300,000.
Breakup Fee has the meaning set forth in SECTION 9.2(D).
Breakup Fee means a cash fee equal to Five Hundred and Ninety-Two Thousand, Five Hundred United States Dollars (US$592,500.00).