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Biathlon means and includes disciplines of cross country skiing and marksmanship in Australia including replacing cross country skiing with roller- skiing, bike-riding or running and for junior development competition and racing, elite development and such other forms as may be determined, as defined by the IBU.
Biathlon means the sport that combines cross-country skiing and small bore rifle shooting. For the purposes of advancing the aims of the Association, “cross-country skiing” includes the use of dry-land roller skis and rifle shooting includes the use of air and laser rifles.
Biathlon means the sport recognized by the IF which combines rifle marksmanship and cross-country skiing and other forms of movement and shooting.

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These rules cover winter sports such as Cross Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Ski Jumping, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Freestyle Skiing, Luge, Nordic Combined, Skeleton and Snowboarding.

Training: To be eligible for carding, athletes must have an annual training and competitive program based on year-round training principles that is designed, supervised, and monitored by Biathlon Canada National Team coaches or designate.

In exceptional circumstances (top athletes from Biathlon, Nordic Combined and developing nations…), athletes who didn’t reach the World Cup entry requirements can be allowed to start.The respective NSAs have to apply in a written way to the FIS office latest 1 week before the event.

Athletes must train at the National Training Centre Canmore under the leadership and direction of Biathlon Canada coaching staff, unless engaged in approved activities outside the National Training Centre.

Photo 7: Captain Luke Webster, New Hampshire National Guard, and LTC Ruth Cresenzo, North Carolina National Guard, participated in the National Guard Bureau’s Central and East Regional Biathlon Com- petition at Camp Ripley, Minnesota, from 13-19 January 2020.

Athlete Age Determination: An athlete’s age for the Athlete Assistance Program will be determined in accordance with the International Biathlon Union rules governing age determination for the applicable season for which these criteria are applied.

During a competition, the Chief of Range (or any other Biathlon Official) is not responsible for said supervision.

Biathlon–7K.(b) Rifles.(1) BARS–4 Bolt Action carbine.(2) Biathlon target rifle, .22.(3) British Enfield rifle = SMCR.(4) CM2, .22 target rifle (also known as SM2, .22).(5) German model 98K = SMCR.(6) German model G41 = SMCR.(7) German model G43 = SMCR.(8) IZH–94.(9) LOS–7, bolt action.

Long distance competitions may be included.311 Cross-Country and Biathlon Competition Courses‌311.1 Fundamental Characteristics311.1.1 Cross-Country and Biathlon courses must be laid out so that they provide a technical, tactical and physical test of the competitors' qualifications.

M.R. 62/2002; 101/2006; 102/2013 b) d'une arme à feu par une personne inscrite à un biathlon approuvé par la Manitoba Biathlon Association Inc.

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Biathlon means the sport that combines cross-country skiing and small bore rifle shooting. For the purposes of advancing theaims of the Association, “cross-country skiing” includes the use of dry-land roller skiing and rifle shooting includes the use of air and laser rifles. “Committee” means the bodymanagingthe Association and consisting of the Committee Members and Public Officer and may also be referred to in this document as the 'Board'. “Constitution” means this Constitution of theAssociation.

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