Bankruptcy Loss definition

Bankruptcy Loss. With respect to any Mortgage Loan, a Deficient Valuation or Debt Service Reduction; provided, however, that a Bankruptcy Loss shall not be deemed a Bankruptcy Loss hereunder so long as the Master Servicer has notified the Trustee in writing that the Master Servicer is diligently pursuing any remedies that may exist in connection with the related Mortgage Loan and either (A) the related Mortgage Loan is not in default with regard to payments due thereunder or (B) delinquent payments of principal and interest under the related Mortgage Loan and any related escrow payments in respect of such Mortgage Loan are being advanced on a current basis by the Master Servicer, in either case without giving effect to any Debt Service Reduction or Deficient Valuation.
Bankruptcy Loss. A loss on a Mortgage Loan arising out of (i) a reduction in the scheduled Monthly Payment for such Mortgage Loan by a court of competent jurisdiction in a case under the United States Bankruptcy Code, other than any such reduction that arises out of clause (ii) of this definition of "Bankruptcy Loss," including, without limitation, any such reduction that results in a permanent forgiveness of principal, or (ii) with respect to any Mortgage Loan, a valuation, by a court of competent jurisdiction in a case under such Bankruptcy Code, of the related Mortgaged Property in an amount less than the then outstanding Principal Balance of such Mortgage Loan.

Examples of Bankruptcy Loss in a sentence

  • Excess Bankruptcy Loss: Any Bankruptcy Loss, or portion thereof, which exceeds the then applicable Bankruptcy Amount.

  • The Distribution Date on which the Bankruptcy Loss Limit has been reduced to zero (or less than zero).

  • The Class B Certificateholders shall bear all Excess Credit Losses, Bankruptcy Losses up to the Bankruptcy Loss Limit, Fraud Losses up to the Fraud Loss Limit and Special Hazard Losses up to the Special Hazard Loss Limit until the Class B Principal Balance equals zero.

  • The Distribution Date on which the Bankruptcy Loss Limit has been reduced to zero.

  • Bankruptcy Loss Amount: As of any Distribution Date, the Initial Bankruptcy Loss Amount less the aggregate amount of Bankruptcy Losses previously incurred during the period from the Cut-Off Date through the last day of the month preceding the month of such Distribution Date; provided, however, that such amount may be reduced from time to time with the written consent of the Rating Agencies provided that such reduction does not result in a downgrading to the current rating of the Certificates.

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