Risk definition

Risk means the combination of the probability of occurrence of harm and the severity of that harm;
Risk means a function of the probability of an adverse health effect and the severity of that effect, consequential to a hazard;
Risk means the potential that a given threat will exploit vulnerabilities of a vehicle and thereby cause harm to the organization or to an individual.

Examples of Risk in a sentence

  • Risk Management Methods (RMM) The information required is contained in this Safety Data Sheet.

  • Risk profileThe Compartment is subject to certain risks inherent in any investment, such as the following:• risks specific to a given market,• variations in exchange rates,• variations in interest rates.The capital invested may fluctuate up or down, and investors may not recover the entire value of the capi- tal initially invested.

  • If it has been authorised for release to the market by a committee of your board of directors, you can insert here: “By the [ name of board committee – eg Audit and Risk Committee]”.

  • The COI shall list each insurer's national association of insurance commissioners (also known as NAIC) number or federal employer identification number and list the State of Tennessee, Risk Manager, 312 Rosa L.

  • Contractor shall not commence work or be required to commence work under this Agreement unless and until all insurance required under this Section has been obtained and such insurance has been approved by County’s Risk Management, and Contractor shall use diligence to obtain such insurance and to obtain such approval.

More Definitions of Risk

Risk means a combination of the probability and the degree of an injury or damage to health that can arise in a hazardous situation;
Risk means anything that could negatively impact the District’s ability to meet its goals and objectives. The term includes strategic, financial, regulatory, reputational, and operational risks.
Risk means the probability that injury or damage will occur;
Risk means potential for an adverse outcome.
Risk means the likelihood of a specific effect occurring within a specified period or in specified circumstances;
Risk means the probability that a substance, when released to the environment, will cause an adverse effect in exposed humans or other living organisms.
Risk means the likelihood that an adverse health effect will occur within a population as a result of a hazard in a food.