Aqueous definition

Aqueous means a certification or registration matrix designating any aqueous sample that is not a drinking water, and samples with no more than 15% settleable solids.
Aqueous means an accreditation matrix that is water, is not drinking water, and can be reported in units of mass per volume.
Aqueous means an accreditation matrix that is a single phase water sample and that is not drinking water.

Examples of Aqueous in a sentence

  • Aqueous solution of iodine (50 ppm iodine) made by adding approximately 0.8 milliliters of tincture of iodine (6-8 grams ammonium and/or potassium iodide/100 cc of 45% alcohol) to one liter of water at 43 deg.

  • Aqueous ammonia having a specific gravity of 0.94 is maintained at the bottom of the glass chamber below the sample at a concentration of at least 20 ml per litre of chamber volume.

  • Facility - RokkashomuraReprocessing Plant2Advanced Fuel Cycle Facility (AFCF) -Aqueous Repro.

  • Sources authorized by §106.301: Aqueous fertilizer storage tanks.

  • This equipment is designed for use only with Aqueous Based Solutions.

  • Aqueous wastes drained from waste containers (e.g., drums, etc.) prior to landfilling.

  • Aqueous wastes drained from waste containers (e.g., drums, etc.) prior to land filling.

  • Class B fires: Use carbon dioxide (CO2), regular dry chemical (sodium bicarbonate), regular form (Aqueous Film Forming Foam-AFFF), or water spray to cool containers.Unsuitable Extinguishing MediaNone known.

  • Aqueous shunts in glaucoma: a report by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

  • Bruce, M.L., Lee, R.P., Stephens, M.W., "Concentration of Water Soluble Volatile Organic Compounds from Aqueous Samples by Azeotropic Microdistillation", Environmental Science and Technology 1992, 26, 160-163.

More Definitions of Aqueous

Aqueous means a liquid that is soluble or readily dispersible in water and which contains no chemicals classified as toxic or hazardous; within the CSU regulations for release of radioactivity, aqueous liquid wastes may be discarded to the sewer.

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