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Application for. Xxx Xxxxxx" in Brazil is being amended to show xxxx as "AnnTaylor.". If it cannot be amended, it will be withdrawn and refiled. Annex II to Trademark Security Agreement Dated as of September 29, 1995 License Agreements None. EXHIBIT 4.01 (a)(iv) FORM OF ATSC GUARANTY THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED GUARANTY (as such agreement may be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, this "Guaranty") dated as of September 29, 1995 is made by ANNTAYLOR STORES CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation, with its principal place of business at 000 Xxxx 00xx Xxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000 (the "Guarantor"), in favor of BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION, with an office at 0000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000, in its capacity as Agent under the "Credit Agreement" (as defined below) (the "Agent").
Application for. Xxx Xxxxxx" in Brazil is being amended to show xxxx as "AnnTaylor.". If it cannot be amended, it will be withdrawn and refiled. Annex II to Trademark Security Agreement Dated as of September 29, 1995 License Agreements None.
Application for. Dynamic Details Canada" in Canada (App. No. 1119581, 1119582 CDN). EXHIBIT A

Examples of Application for in a sentence

  • Use Form W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, to apply for an ITIN, or Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number, to apply for an EIN.

  • Application for exemption from the Competition Authority of Kenya may be accessed from the website

  • Initial Application for Payment, Application for Payment at time of Substantial Completion, and final Application for Payment involve additional requirements.

  • Application for registration with National Construction Authority may be accessed from the website

  • To apply for an SSN, get Form SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card, from your local Social Security Administration office or get this form online at

  • No Applicant shall submit more than one Application for the Project.

  • To apply for an SSN, get Form SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card, from your local SSA office or get this form online at

  • Application for extension of the permit must be made prior to the expiration date.

  • The period of construction work covered by each Application for Payment is the period indicated in the Agreement.

  • Include amounts for work completed following previous Application for Payment, whether or not payment has been received.

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Application for. DDI" in Canada (App. No. 2370315).

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  • Application Period means a period during which Applications shall be accepted as posted on the Corporation’s Website and with a deadline no less than thirty days from the beginning of the Application Period.

  • Application Program means a computer program which is intended to be executed for the purpose of performing useful work for the user of the information being processed. Application programs are developed or otherwise acquired by the user of the Hardware/Software system, but they may be supplied by the Contractor.

  • Application Date or "APP" means the date CLEC provides Qwest an application for service containing required information as set forth in this Agreement.

  • Application Form means any application form to be completed by subscribers for Shares as prescribed by the Company from time to time.

  • Application Process means the online application process under which the Applicant applies for Hospitality Packages on the Webshop.

  • Planning Application means the application for [outline/full] planning permission dated [ ] bearing the Council’s reference number [ ];

  • Renewal Application means a document used to collect pertinent data for renewal of permits

  • L/C Application means an application and agreement for the issuance or amendment of a Letter of Credit in the form from time to time in use by the L/C Issuer.

  • Uniform application means the current version of the NAIC Uniform Application for resident and

  • Application packet means the information, documents, and fees required by the Department for the:

  • Initial application means the Application first provided to MFA on or before an Application Deadline to request an allocation of Tax Credits.

  • Application Package means the forms, schedules, checklists, exhibits, computer disks and instructions thereto obtained from the Agency, which shall be completed and submitted to the Agency in accordance with all regulations in order to apply for the HTC Program.

  • Practical application means to manufacture, in the case of a composition or product; to practice, in the case of a process or method; or to operate, in the case of a machine or system; and, in each case, under such conditions as to establish that the invention is being utilized and that its benefits are, to the extent permitted by law or Government regulations, available to the public on reasonable terms.

  • Approval Application means a BLA or similar application or submission for a Product filed with a Regulatory Authority in a country or group of countries to obtain marketing approval for a biological or pharmaceutical product in that country or group of countries.

  • Application Unit means such number of Units or whole multiples thereof as specified in this Prospectus or such other whole multiple of Units determined by the Manager, approved by the Trustee and notified to the Participating Dealers.

  • Time of application means the date a participating lender receives an application from a participating community.

  • Date of application means the ef- fective date of an Application for Com- pensation filed with A.I.D. pursuant to§ 221.21 of this part.

  • Application Deadline means 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time, on the final day of the Application Period.

  • Server Application means an application developed by Licensee that a) utilizes the Runtime Product, b) allows more than one user to Use the Runtime Product through any middle tier application(s), and c) adds significant and primary functionality to the Runtime Product. A Client Application installed in a Windows terminal server environment (e.g. Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop Platform) is a Server Application.

  • Fee Application means an application for allowance and payment of a Fee Claim (including Claims for “substantial contribution” pursuant to section 503(b) of the Bankruptcy Code).

  • Rental application means the written application or similar document used by a landlord to

  • Application area means the area where the coating is applied by spraying, dipping, or flowcoating techniques.

  • Application for Payment means Contractor’s monthly partial invoice for payment that includes any portion of the Work that has been completed for which an invoice has not been submitted and performed in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents. The Application for Payment accurately reflects the progress of the Work, is itemized based on the Schedule of Values, bears the notarized signature of Contractor, and shall not include subcontracted items for which Contractor does not intend to pay.

  • Development Application means the development application identified in Item 5 of Schedule 1 and includes all plans, reports models, photomontages, material boards (as amended supplemented) submitted to the consent authority before the determination of that Development Application.

  • Application an application, in such form as the Issuing Lender may specify from time to time, requesting the Issuing Lender to open a Letter of Credit.

  • Regulatory Approval Application means any application submitted to an appropriate Regulatory Authority seeking any Regulatory Approval.