Altered definition

Altered means spayed or neutered.
Altered when referring to wetlands, means a wetland of which at least 50 percent has been graded, drained, devegetated, or replanted with nonwetland plants. Any portion of a wetland
Altered when referring to wetlands, means any portion of a wetland that has been graded, channelized, drained, devegetated, excavated, compacted, or replanted with non-wetland plants, or any other activity that changes the character of the wetland.

Examples of Altered in a sentence

  • Altered gut microbiome after bariatric surgery and its association with metabolic benefits: A systematic review.

  • Altered dynamics of action potential restitution and alternans in humans with structural heart disease – implications for arrhythmogenesis.Circulation 112(11): 1542-1548, 2005.

  • Altered Functional Organization within and between Resting-State Networks in Chronic Subcortical Infarction.

  • Altered glucose metabolism is a consistent feature in both patients’ brains and in cellular and animal models of AD.

  • The Inhibitory Effect of (-)-Epigallocatechin Gallate on Activation of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Is Associated with Altered Lipid Order in HT29 Colon Cancer Cells .

More Definitions of Altered

Altered means spayed or neutered;
Altered means changed, modified, rebuilt, removed, demolished, restored, razed, moved, or reconstructed.
Altered means spayed, neutered or otherwise rendered incapable of reproduction as certified by a qualified professional.
Altered for a female means having had the ovaries and uterus surgically removed; an ovariohysterectomy. "Altered" for a male means having had the testicles surgically removed.
Altered means to change in character or composition which is same as ‘modified’. ‘Remained’ means “to continue to exist” which is same as ‘persisted’. ‘Amended’ means to make minor changes to something, which is synonym of ‘revised’. ‘Freeze’ means to hold something at a fixed level which is same as ‘cap’. The correct answer is option C.
Altered. ; “alterations” This term means being different from the most common form.