Agency of Human Services definition

Agency of Human Services means the Agency defined by 3 V.S.A. § 3001 and created by 3 V.S.A § 3002 as amended.

Examples of Agency of Human Services in a sentence

  • The Agency of Human Services, through the business office of the Office of the Secretary, and through its Field Services Directors, will share with any named AHS-associated party to this Agreement oversight, monitoring and enforcement responsibilities.

  • At the conclusion of this agreement and after successful delivery of the data to the State, Party shall securely delete data (including archival backups) from Party’s equipment that contains individually identifiable records, in accordance with standards adopted by the Agency of Human Services.

  • Party will on request provide to the Agency of Human Services information pertaining to the classification of its employees to include the basis for the classification.

  • The meaning of the term “Party” when used in this Attachment F shall mean any named party to this Agreement other than the State of Vermont, the Agency of Human Services (AHS) and any of the departments, boards, offices and business units named in this Agreement.

  • The Agency of Human Services is responsible for overseeing all contracts and grants entered by any of its departments, boards, offices and business units, however denominated.

  • Party agrees to cooperate with both the named AHS-associated party to this contract and with the Agency of Human Services itself with respect to the resolution of any issues relating to the performance and interpretation of this Agreement, payment matters and legal compliance.

  • Party shall make available on request all contracts, subcontracts and service provider agreements between the Party, subcontractors and other service providers to the Agency of Human Services and any of its departments as well as to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

  • Party shall provide encounter data to the Agency of Human Services and/or its departments and ensure further that the data and services provided can be linked to and supported by enrollee eligibility files maintained by the State.

  • Party shall comply with all applicable State and Agency of Human Services' policies and standards, especially those related to privacy and security.

  • The State shall work with the Contractor to ensure compliance with all applicable State and Agency of Human Services' policies and standards, especially those related to privacy and security.

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  • Health and Human Services or “HHS” includes HHSC and DSHS.

  • Department of Health and Human Services means the Department of Health and Human Services

  • Health and Human Services Commission or “HHSC” means the administrative agency established under Chapter 531, Texas Government Code, or its designee.

  • Emergency services means, with respect to an Emergency Medical Condition:

  • Commercial Services means any waste management service, relating or connected to accumulating, collecting, managing, recycling, sorting, storing, treating, transporting, disposing, buying or selling of waste or any other manner of handling waste excluding services rendered by the municipality;

  • Emergency medical services or “EMS” means an integrated medical care delivery system to provide emergency and nonemergency medical care at the scene or during out-of-hospital patient transportation in an ambulance.

  • Basic health plan services means that schedule of covered

  • Human service zone means a county or consolidated group of counties administering human services within a designated area in accordance with an agreement or plan approved by the department.

  • BPO Services means Provider’s business process outsourcing services described in the applicable Solution Exhibit, whereby Provider assumes responsibility for Customers’ business processes.

  • Home health aide services means the personal care and maintenance activities provided to individuals for the purpose of promoting normal standards of health and hygiene.

  • Legal Services means services of a legal or financial nature and includes any part of such services, and for the avoidance of doubt, includes (without limitation):-

  • Emergency care means management for an illness or injury which results in symptoms which occur suddenly and unexpectedly, and requires immediate care by a medical practitioner to prevent death or serious long term impairment of the insured person’s health.

  • water services means water supply services and sanitation services;

  • Pharmacist services means products, goods, and services, or any combination of products, goods, and services, provided as a part of the practice of pharmacy.

  • Emergency medical services provider means a person who has received formal training in prehospital and emergency care, and is licensed to attend any person who is ill or injured or who has a disability. Police officers, firefighters, funeral home employees and other persons serving in a dual capacity one of which meets the definition of “emergency medical services provider” are “emergency medical services providers” within the meaning of this chapter.

  • Special Services means all forms of services pertaining

  • Agency Services Address means NationsBank, N.A., NC1-001-15-04, 000 Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Charlotte, North Carolina 28255, Attn: Agency Services, or such other address as may be identified by written notice from the Administrative Agent to the Borrower.

  • Maritime agency services means activities consisting in representing, within a given geographic area, as an agent the business interests of one or more shipping lines or shipping companies, for the following purposes:

  • Storage Services means any Services which offer you storage capacity on the network for storage of content which you access from us.

  • Extra Services means those services set forth in Schedule “B” that are requested by the Municipality for itself or on behalf of its citizens and provided by the Company in accordance with paragraph 7 of this Agreement;

  • Medication administration means the direct application of medications by injection, inhalation, ingestion, or any other means to an individual receiving services by (i) persons legally permitted to administer medications or (ii) the individual at the direction and in the presence of persons legally permitted to administer medications.

  • Passenger Services means the Franchisee's railway passenger services as specified in any Timetable and/or Plan of the Day including those railway passenger services which the Franchisee may delegate or subcontract or otherwise secure through any other person from time to time in accordance with the Franchise Agreement;

  • Respite services means a temporary period of relief and support for individuals and their families provided in a variety of settings. The intent is to provide a safe environment with staff assistance for individuals who lack an adequate support system to address current issues related to a disability. Respite may be provided for a defined period of time; respite is either planned or provided in response to a crisis.

  • Pharmacy services means the practice of pharmacy as defined in chapter 18.64 RCW and includes any drugs or devices as defined in chapter 18.64 RCW.

  • Counseling services means services provided by qualified social workers, psychologists, guidance counselors, or other qualified personnel.

  • Rehabilitation counseling services means services provided by qualified personnel in individual or group sessions that focus specifically on career development, employment preparation, achieving independence, and integration in the workplace and community of a student with a disability. The term also includes vocational rehabilitation services provided to a student with disabilities by vocational rehabilitation programs funded under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.