Schedule P Sample Clauses

Schedule P. The following definitions are hereby added to Schedule P: "CAISO Energy" means with respect to a Transaction, a Product under which the Seller shall sell and the Buyer shall purchase a quantity of energy equal to the hourly quantity without Ancillary Services (as defined in the Tariff) that is or will be scheduled as a schedule coordinator to schedule coordinator transaction pursuant to the applicable tariff and protocol provisions of the California Independent System Operator ("CAISO") (as amended from time to time, the "Tariff") for which the only excuse for failure to deliver or receive is an "Uncontrollable Force" (as defined in the Tariff).
Schedule P. POLE SPECIFICATIONS Poles produced under this contract shall meet the following specifications: MINIMUM SAPWOOD: Required both butt and top; 1-inch on Xxxxxxx-fir and none on western redcedar. BUTTS: Shall be cut above the swell and hook. SWEEP: Poles shall be line straight. That is, a straight line from the center of the butt to the center of the top will not pass outside the body of the pole.
Schedule P. 1. Upon the Effective Date, Schedule P to the Agreement shall be deleted in its entirety and replaced with the new Schedule P attached hereto and which is incorporated herein by this reference.
Schedule P. Party A is a Governmental Entity or Public Power SystemParty B is a Governmental Entity or Public Power System □ Add Section 3.6. If not checked, inapplicable □ Add Section 8.4. If not checked, inapplicable Not Applicable Other Changes Specify, if any: See attached list. This Amended and Restated Master Agreement supersedes the Master Power Purchase and Sale Agreement (Version 2.1; modified 4/25/00) made as of the following date: July 12, 2001.
Schedule P. 2 to the Credit Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as set forth on Exhibit B to this Agreement.
Schedule P. Schedule P shall be amended as follows: The definition ofUnit Firm” is amended (A) by replacing subclause “(i)” thereof with the following: “(i) if any portion of the specified generation assets are unavailable as a result of a “Forced Outage” (as defined below), or”, (B) by adding the following as the penultimate sentence: “In the event of a Forced Outage or receipt by Party A of a notice of a Forced Outage with respect to a Unit (as specified in the Confirmation under “Generating Units” (any of the same being hereafter called a “Generating Unit”)), Party A may reduce the Contract Energy required to be delivered during the period of such Forced Outage by a percentage whose numerator is the Forced Outage amount (expressed in MWs) for such Unit (as
Schedule P. The definition of “Firm (LD)” in Schedule P shall be amended by adding the following language at the end of the existing definition: “The Firm (LD) Product may be provided in the California market as a schedule coordinator to schedule coordinator transaction pursuant to the applicable tariff and protocol provisions of the California Independent System Operator (“CAISO”) tariff, as amended from time to time, or a successor or replacement tariff, for which the only excuse for failure to deliver or receive is an “Uncontrollable Force” as defined in the CAISO tariff.”
Schedule P. This is Schedule "P" to that certain Share Exchange Agreement as entered into among each of the Company (Namibia Exploration Inc.), the Vendors (the shareholders of Namibia Exploration Inc.) and the Purchaser (Duma Energy Corp.). Vendor's Certificates Refer to the forms of Vendor's Certificates attached hereto. __________ REGULATION S CERTIFICATE FOR NON-U.S. SHAREHOLDERS To: DUMA ENERGY CORP. Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined in this Certificate shall have the meanings given to such terms in that certain Share Exchange Agreement dated August 7, 2012 (the "Agreement") among the undersigned, Namibia Exploration Inc. (the "Company"), the other shareholders of the Company and Duma Energy Corp. (the "Purchaser"). In connection with the issuance of the Shares to the undersigned, the undersigned hereby agrees, acknowledges, represents and warrants that:

Related to Schedule P

  • Schedule The Work shall be performed as expeditiously as possible in conformity with the schedule requirements contained herein and in the Statement of Work. The draft and final versions of all deliverables shall be submitted by the dates specified in the Exhibit A Schedule. It is understood and agreed that the delivery of the draft and final versions of such deliverables by the Contractor shall occur in a timely manner and in accordance with the requirements of the Exhibit A Schedule.

  • Schedule B Schedule B to the Agreement, setting forth the Portfolios of the Trust participating on behalf of which the Trust is entering into the Agreement is hereby replaced in its entirety by Schedule B attached hereto. Except as modified and amended hereby, the Agreement is hereby ratified and confirmed in full force and effect in accordance with its terms.

  • Schedule II For each Loan purchased by the Portfolio acquired after the execution of this Loan Servicing Agreement:

  • Schedule 4 13.1-1 is a correct and complete list, and a brief ----------------- description of, all real estate in which the Company or any of the Company Subsidiaries has an ownership interest (the "Owned Property") and all real property leased by the Company (the "Leased Property"), and all facilities thereon. Except as lessee of Leased Property, neither the Company nor any Company Subsidiary is a lessee under or otherwise a party to any lease, sublease, license, concession or other agreement, whether written or oral, pursuant to which another person or entity has granted to the Company or any Company Subsidiary the right to use or occupy all or any portion of any real property. The Company or one of the Company Subsidiaries has good and marketable fee simple title to the Owned Property and, assuming good title in the Landlord, a valid leasehold interest in the Leased Property (the Owned Property and the Leased Property being sometimes referred to herein as "Real Property"), in each case free and clear of all Liens, assessments or restrictions (including, without limitation, inchoate liens arising out of the provision of labor, services or materials to any such real estate) other than (a) mortgages shown on the Financial Statements as securing specified liabilities or obligations, with respect to which no default (or event that, with notice or lapse of time or both, would constitute a default) exists, (b) Liens for current taxes not yet due, and (c) (i) minor imperfections of title, including utility and access easements depicted on subdivision plats for platted lots that do not impair the intended use of the property, if any, none of which is substantial in amount, materially detracts from the value or impairs the use of the property subject thereto, or impairs the operations of the Company, and (ii) zoning laws and other land use restrictions or restrictive covenants that do not materially impair the present use of the property subject thereto. The Real Property constitutes all real properties reflected on the Financial Statements or used or occupied by the Company or any Company Subsidiary in connection with the Business or otherwise.


  • Schedule 5 2 Provide Agent (and if so requested by Agent, with copies for each Lender) with each of the documents set forth below at the following times in form satisfactory to Agent:

  • Schedule 1 Schedule 1 to the New Credit Agreement is hereby amended to read as set forth as Schedule 1 to this TRR Agreement.

  • Schedule 2 1 shall be revised and supplemented from time to time to reflect additional Interconnection Points, by attaching one or more supplementary schedules to such Schedule.

  • Schedule of Representations The representations and warranties set forth on the Schedule of Representations attached hereto as Schedule B are true and correct.

  • Schedule 6 1.3 states the name of each of the Borrower’s Subsidiaries, its jurisdiction of incorporation, its authorized capital stock, the issued and outstanding shares (referred to herein as the “Subsidiary Shares”) and the owners thereof if it is a corporation, its outstanding partnership interests (the “Partnership Interests”) if it is a partnership and its outstanding limited liability company interests, interests assigned to managers thereof and the voting rights associated therewith (the “LLC Interests”) if it is a limited liability company. The Borrower and each Subsidiary of the Borrower has good and marketable title to all of the Subsidiary Shares, Partnership Interests and LLC Interests it purports to own, free and clear in each case of any Lien. All Subsidiary Shares, Partnership Interests and LLC Interests have been validly issued, and all Subsidiary Shares are fully paid and nonassessable. All capital contributions and other consideration required to be made or paid in connection with the issuance of the Partnership Interests and LLC Interests have been made or paid, as the case may be. There are no options, warrants or other rights outstanding to purchase any such Subsidiary Shares, Partnership Interests or LLC Interests except as indicated on Schedule 6.1.3.