ADT Limited definition

ADT Limited means ADT Limited, a Bermuda company.
ADT Limited is defined in the preamble.
ADT Limited s Cash Flow Coverage Ratio for the four Fiscal Quarters ending on the Computation Date was to 1.0, as computed on Attachment 1 hereto. The minimum Cash Flow Coverage Ratio of ADT Limited required by clause (b) of Section 4.2.4 of the ADT Limited Guaranty for such period is 1.5 to 1.0.

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  • On July 2, 1997, Tyco, formerly called ADT Limited, merged with Tyco International Ltd., a Massachusetts corporation ("Former Tyco").

  • No condition exists or event or transaction has occurred with respect to any Pension Plan which might result in the incurrence by ADT Limited or any member of the Controlled Group of any material liability, fine or penalty.

  • The Company and ADT Limited will at all times keep all of the properties of the Company, ADT Limited and the other Restricted Subsidiaries which are of an insurable nature insured with insurers, believed by the Company and ADT Limited to be responsible, against loss or damage to the extent that property of similar character is usually so insured by corporations similarly situated and owning like properties.

  • ADT Limited acknowledges that it will receive direct and indirect benefits from the financing arrangements contemplated by the Credit Agreement and that the agreement set forth in this Section is knowingly made in contemplation of such benefits.

  • Such chart indicates each Subsidiary of ADT Limited that is or is required to be a Subsidiary Guarantor as of the Effective Date and indicates with respect to each such Subsidiary Guarantor that is a Material Subsidiary, its respective percentages of consolidated gross revenues and consolidated gross assets of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries for the 1995 Fiscal Year.

  • ADT Limited and each of its Subsidiaries, and each other Obligor, has filed all material tax returns and reports required by law to have been filed by it and has paid all material taxes and governmental charges thereby shown to be owing, except any such taxes or charges which are being diligently contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings and for which adequate reserves in accordance with GAAP shall have been set aside on its books.

  • ADT Limited covenants and agrees that, until the Covenant Termination Date, ADT Limited will not, without the prior written consent of the Required Lenders, do anything prohibited in this Section.

  • ADT Limited will cause each Material Subsidiary and each Subsidiary subject to a Senior Note Guarantee to be a Guarantor.

  • In addition to, and not in limitation of, Section 2.6, this Guaranty shall be binding upon ADT Limited and its successors, transferees and assigns and shall inure to the benefit of and be enforceable by each Lender Party and each holder of a Note and their respective successors, transferees and assigns (to the fullest extent provided pursuant to Section 2.6); provided, however, that ADT Limited may not assign any of its obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of all Lenders.

  • Except as disclosed in Item 3.11 ("Employee Benefit Plans") of the Disclosure Schedule, neither ADT Limited nor any member of the Controlled Group has any material contingent liability with respect to any post-retirement benefit under a Welfare Plan, other than liability for continuation coverage described in Part 6 of Title I of ERISA.

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ADT Limited s Debt to Total Capitalisation Ratio:
ADT Limited s Cash Flow: -----------------------------------------------------------------
ADT Limited is defined in the second recital.

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