National Park definition

National Park means comparatively large areas of outstanding scenic and natural beauty with the primary objective of protection and preservation of scenery, flora and fauna in the natural state to which access for public recreation and education and research may be allowed;
National Park means land that, by reason of section 17, is a national park for the purposes of this Act;S. 3(1) def. of "park" amended by Nos 38/1989 ss 4, 18(3)(a), 40/2002 s. 3(b).
National Park means any unit of the national park system. (See title 16 of the U.S. Code, section 1, et seq.)

Examples of National Park in a sentence

  • No ecologically sensitive area such as National park/ Wildlife Sanctuary/ Biosphere Reserve etc.

  • People living within the boundary of the Kulen National park consider themselves as farmers (99% according to commune database10).

  • The NPS does not convey ownership of biological specimens collected on National park system.

  • The new demarcations has the Shingwedzi and bateleur camps with into ward 19; that on its own has cost implications in relation to the provision of services, but on a positive note it provides Giyani to become a strategic stakeholder in the International renown Kruger National park, it is an economic potential that the municipality can take advantage of.The Map further indicates natural resources such as rivers and mountains.

  • This area of forest land 170.32 ha may be considered for diversion as it is unavoidablefor the security reasons of the nation.5.(i) Vegetation(ii) Density(iii) No. of trees enumerated/to be actually felled--0.262 to 0.40 Not reported6.Whether area is significant fromwildlife point of view---7.Whether forms part of National park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve, Tiger Reserve, Elephant Corridor, etc.

More Definitions of National Park

National Park means land and waters named and described in the schedules to the Canada National Parks Act and administered under Federal Law including a national park reserve;
National Park means any area designated for the time being in Part I of the Schedule;
National Park means land set aside and designated as a national park by the United States.
National Park means the area designated as such by a designation order, “National Park aims” has the meaning given in section 1,
National Park means any area of international or national importance which because of its biological diversity, landscape or natural heritage has been described as a national park under section 18;
National Park means an area declared as such under section 17;
National Park means the area declared as such under sub-section (1) of section 15;