Access to critical systems definition

Access to critical systems means an elevated access privilege2 to a system which stores protected level 1 information. Examples of this may include access to the Student Health System, access to payment card processing system, access to student financial records, etc.

Examples of Access to critical systems in a sentence

  • Access to critical systems and key data and information will only be granted on a need to know basis.

  • Access to critical systems and applications requires user IDs with passwords or public key authentication.

  • There are several specific schemes that operate within the work permit system which aim to fill specific needs, especially for low-skilled workers in some sectors, and to attract workers from outside the EEA.

  • User access reviews - Access to critical systems is reviewed for appropriate authorizations regularly on a recurring basis.

  • The development of English vowel perception in monolingual and bilin- gual infants: neurophysiological correlates.

  • Access to critical systems that contain or process ePHI or confidential information are monitored or unauthorized access.

  • Access to critical systems SHALL be limited to individuals who are properly authenticated and authorised.

  • Suppliers not providing this documentation 24 hours prior to the requested time will be refused access (exceptions may be made in emergency situations but supervision will be required)• Access to critical systems, such as power and cooling, will only be granted to approved maintenance contractors.

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  • Critical infrastructure means existing and proposed systems and assets, whether physical or virtual, the incapacity or destruction of which would negatively affect security, economic security, public health or safety, or any combination of those matters.++