Definition of 2014 Loan Commitment

2014 Loan Commitment means, as to each Lender, its obligation to make a Term Loan to the Borrower pursuant to Section 2.01(a) in a principal amount not to exceed the amount set forth opposite such Lender's name on Schedule 2.01 under the caption "2014 Loan Commitment" or opposite such caption in the Assignment and Assumption pursuant to which such Lender becomes a party hereto, as applicable, as such amount may be adjusted from time to time in accordance with this Agreement. As of the Closing Date, the aggregate amount of the 2014 Loan Commitment is $10,000,000.
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Examples of 2014 Loan Commitment in a sentence

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, each Lender severally agrees to make a 2014 Loan to the Borrower on the Closing Date in an aggregate amount not to exceed such Lender's 2014 Loan Commitment.