YOUR CONSUMPTION. 12.1 Your Energy Rates are based on:
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YOUR CONSUMPTION. 13.1 Your Energy Rates and Environmental Rate (if fixed) are based on:


  • Revenue Metering The Connecting Transmission Owner’s revenue metering will be located on the generator side of the 115kV breaker at the Xxxxx Solar Collector Substation and will consist of: • three (3) combination current/voltage transformer (“CT/VT”) units (manufacturer and model ABB/Xxxxxxx KXM-550, GE Grid Solutions KOTEF 000.XX, or other equivalent specified by Connecting Transmission Owner); and • one (1) revenue meter. The ratios of the CTs and VTs will be provided by Connecting Transmission Owner upon its review of the Interconnection Customer’s design documents. (Note: Connecting Transmission Owner’s revenue metering CTs and VTs cannot be used to feed the Interconnection Customer’s check meter.) SERVICE AGREEMENT NO. 2556

  • Fuel 28.1 The Vehicle must be returned with the amount of fuel equal to that at the time of the commencement of the rental. If the Vehicle is returned with less fuel, the difference will be charged to You at a rate of $5.00 including GST per litre (which includes a service component).

  • Safety Measures Awarded vendor shall take all reasonable precautions for the safety of employees on the worksite, and shall erect and properly maintain all necessary safeguards for protection of workers and the public. Awarded vendor shall post warning signs against all hazards created by the operation and work in progress. Proper precautions shall be taken pursuant to state law and standard practices to protect workers, general public and existing structures from injury or damage.

  • Switching System Hierarchy and Trunking Requirements For purposes of routing ECI traffic to Verizon, the subtending arrangements between Verizon Tandem Switches and Verizon End Office Switches shall be the same as the Tandem/End Office subtending arrangements Verizon maintains for the routing of its own or other carriers’ traffic (i.e., traffic will be routed to the appropriate Verizon Tandem subtended by the terminating End Office serving the Verizon Customer). For purposes of routing Verizon traffic to ECI, the subtending arrangements between ECI Tandem Switches and ECI End Office Switches shall be the same as the Tandem/End Office subtending arrangements that ECI maintains for the routing of its own or other carriers’ traffic.

  • Mileage Measurement Where required, the mileage measurement for LIS rate elements is determined in the same manner as the mileage measurement for V&H methodology as outlined in NECA Tariff No. 4.

  • Workloads (a) The parties agree that patient care is enhanced if concerns relating to professional practice, patient acuity, fluctuating Work-Loads and fluctuating staffing are resolved in a timely and effective manner.

  • Green Economy/Carbon Footprint a) The Supplier/Service Provider has in its bid provided Transnet with an understanding of the Supplier’s/Service Provider’s position with regard to issues such as waste disposal, recycling and energy conservation.

  • Workload An employee who believes that her workload is unsafe or consistently excessive shall discuss the problem with her immediate supervisor. If the problem is not resolved in this discussion, the employee may seek a remedy by means of the grievance procedure. If the matter is not resolved in the grievance procedure, it may be referred to troubleshooter who shall:

  • Configuration The configuration for the Purchase Right Aircraft will be the Detail Specification for Model 767-3S2F aircraft at the revision level in effect at the time of the Supplemental Agreement. Such Detail Specification will be revised to include (i) changes required to obtain required regulatory certificates and (ii) other changes as mutually agreed upon by Boeing and Customer.

  • Power System Stabilizers The Developer shall procure, install, maintain and operate Power System Stabilizers in accordance with the requirements identified in the Interconnection Studies conducted for Developer’s Large Generating Facility. NYISO and Connecting Transmission Owner reserve the right to reasonably establish minimum acceptable settings for any installed Power System Stabilizers, subject to the design and operating limitations of the Large Generating Facility. If the Large Generating Facility’s Power System Stabilizers are removed from service or not capable of automatic operation, the Developer shall immediately notify the Connecting Transmission Owner and NYISO. The requirements of this paragraph shall not apply to wind generators.

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