With or Without Notice Sample Clauses

With or Without Notice. You understand and agree that the terms “without notice” or “with or without notice” as used in this Agreement grants Us the absolute and sole discretion to perform any one or more of the acts described herein without notice to You of any kind. By signing this Agreement, You freely and voluntarily and expressly acknowledge that We have no duty to notify You regarding any default, nor do We have duty to make any demand in any form or manner whatsoever as a prerequisite to exercising Our right to seek Your summary ejectment from the Home.

Related to With or Without Notice

  • With or Without Cause The Company may terminate the Executive's employment during the Employment Period with or without Cause. For purposes of this Agreement, "Cause" shall mean:

  • TERMINATION WITHOUT NOTICE 14.1 Notwithstanding clause 2.1, the Company may terminate the Appointment with immediate effect without notice and with no liability to make any further payment to the Employee (other than in respect of amounts accrued due at the date of termination) if the Employee:

  • Other Leave With or Without Pay 17.01 In respect to applications for leave made pursuant to this Article, the employee may be required to provide satisfactory validation of the circumstances necessitating such requests.

  • Leave With or Without Pay for Other Reasons 35.22.1 At its discretion, the Council may grant leave with or without pay for purposes other than those specified in this Agreement.

  • Covenants Without Notice The Borrower shall fail to observe or perform any covenant or agreement on its part to be observed or performed which is set forth in Section 5.01, 5.02, 5.09, 5.10, 5.12, 5.13, 5.14 or 5.15;

  • Multiple notices; action without notice The Agent may serve notices under paragraphs (a) (i) and (ii) of Clause 19.2 simultaneously or on different dates and it and/or the Security Trustee may take any action referred to in that Clause if no such notice is served or simultaneously with or at any time after the service of both or either of such notices.

  • Exercise or Transfer Without Registration If, at the time of the surrender of this Warrant in connection with any exercise, transfer, or exchange of this Warrant, this Warrant (or, in the case of any exercise, the Warrant Shares issuable hereunder), shall not be registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act") and under applicable state securities or blue sky laws, the Company may require, as a condition of allowing such exercise, transfer, or exchange, (i) that the holder or transferee of this Warrant, as the case may be, furnish to the Company a written opinion of counsel, which opinion and counsel are acceptable to the Company, to the effect that such exercise, transfer, or exchange may be made without registration under said Act and under applicable state securities or blue sky laws, (ii) that the holder or transferee execute and deliver to the Company an investment letter in form and substance acceptable to the Company and (iii) that the transferee be an "accredited investor" as defined in Rule 501(a) promulgated under the Securities Act; provided that no such opinion, letter or status as an "accredited investor" shall be required in connection with a transfer pursuant to Rule 144 under the Securities Act. The first holder of this Warrant, by taking and holding the same, represents to the Company that such holder is acquiring this Warrant for investment and not with a view to the distribution thereof.

  • With Cause or Without Good Reason If the Executive’s employment with the Company is terminated by the Company for Cause or if the Executive terminates employment with the Company without Good Reason, the Company shall pay the Executive’s Base Salary and accrued and unused vacation benefits earned through the date of termination at the rate in effect at the time of termination, less standard deductions and withholdings, and the Company shall thereafter have no further obligations to the Executive under this Agreement.

  • For Cause or Without Good Reason If the Executive's employment shall be terminated by the Company for Cause or by the Executive without Good Reason during the Employment Period, the Company shall have no further obligations to the Executive under this Agreement other than pursuant to Sections 7 and 8 hereof, and the obligation to pay to the Executive the Accrued Obligations in cash within 30 days after the Date of Termination and to provide the Other Benefits.

  • Notice of Change in Exercise Price The Company shall, promptly after an event requiring a change in the Exercise Price pursuant to Section 6 hereof, send notice to the Holders of such event and change (“Price Notice”). The Price Notice shall describe the event causing the change and the method of calculating same and shall be certified as being true and accurate by the Company’s Chief Financial Officer.