WHEELCHAIR ACCESS. 19.1 EXCALIBUR continue to strive to achieve full wheelchair access to guests and will endeavor to accommodate guests wherever possible.
WHEELCHAIR ACCESS. Jolley Trolley shall provide wheelchair accessibility in accordance with ADA regulations on all Jolley Trolley vehicles used to provide service on the Routes.
WHEELCHAIR ACCESS. At Existing and Subsequently Acquired ATM Locations included under this Agreement which contain multiple Express ATMs, the Enhanced Express ATM shall be the ATM with the longest hours of operation and shall be wheelchair accessible.
WHEELCHAIR ACCESS. Wheelchair ramps, curb cuts, and building entry ways must remain clear at all times to allow residents and others who use wheelchairs free access to their Rooms/Flats and other areas of the Village. Items blocking wheelchair access may be impounded and a fee charged to retrieve them.
WHEELCHAIR ACCESS. Lessee is responsible to be ADA compliant, including but not limited to, any and all modifications to Property, which must be ADA compliant. Lessee will at all times be compliant with Federal, State, County, and City laws, rules, ordinances, regulatory requirements, and all other applicable regulations.
WHEELCHAIR ACCESS. Two hundred dollars ($200) per incident for each occurrence that: (1) a wheelchair lift fails to operate properly during the pick up of a disabled passenger, (2) a wheelchair becomes unfastened from its tie down(s),
WHEELCHAIR ACCESS. Upon Guestsrequest, Homeowner will provide a commercial grade wheelchair ramp for access through the main front door. Guest assumes all liability for the use of such ramp and does so at their own risk.
WHEELCHAIR ACCESS. 15.1 MEA CULPA continues to strive to achieve full wheelchair access to guests and will endeavour to accommodate guests wherever possible. MEA CULPA however states that the venue is not 100% wheelchair friendly.


System Access CUSTOMER agrees to provide to PROVIDER, at CUSTOMER’S expense, necessary access to the mainframe computer and related information technology systems (the “System”) on which CUSTOMER data is processed during the times (the “Service Hours”) specified in the PSAs, subject to reasonable downtime for utility outages, maintenance, performance difficulties and the like. In the event of a change in the Service Hours, CUSTOMER will provide PROVIDER with at least fifteen (15) calendar days written notice of such change.
Infrastructure (a) Each Loan Party has and will maintain a sufficient infrastructure to conduct its business as presently conducted and as contemplated to be conducted following its execution of this Agreement.