Under Clause 9 Sample Clauses

Under Clause 9. 3 above and to be read in continuation thereto sub-clause (ii) as under: To add at the beginning of starting sentence the following line:
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Under Clause 9. 3 above and to be read in continuation thereto sub-clause (iii) as under: To add at the beginning of starting sentence the following line: The Allottee shall pay to the Promoter within fifteen days of demand by the Promoter, his share of security deposit demanded by the concerned local authority or Government for giving water, electricity or any other service connection to the building in which the Unit is situated.
Under Clause 9. 3 above and to be read in continuation thereto sub-clause (iii) as under:

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  • ZIPPER CLAUSE 298. This Agreement sets forth the full and entire understanding of the parties regarding the matters herein. This Agreement may be modified, but only in writing, upon the mutual consent of the parties.

  • WAIVER CLAUSE The parties acknowledge that during negotiations which resulted in this Agreement each had the unlimited right and opportunity to make demands and proposals with respect to any subject or matter not removed by law from the area of collective bargaining, and that the understandings and agreements arrived at by the parties after the exercise of that right and opportunity are set forth in this Agreement. Therefore, the Board and the Union for the life of this Agreement each voluntarily and unqualifiedly waives the right, and agrees that the other shall not be obliged to bargain collectively with respect to any subject or matter not specifically referred to or covered in this Agreement, unless mutually agreed, even though such subject or matter may not have been within the knowledge or contemplation of either or both parties at the time that they negotiated or signed this Agreement.

  • Task Order Clauses) All costs associated with the preparation, presentation, and discussion of the Contractor’s proposal in response to a task order solicitation will be at the Contractor’s sole and exclusive expense and each task order will be funded by the ordering agency at the task order level.

  • GENDER CLAUSE 25:01 Where the masculine gender is used in this Agreement it shall be considered to include feminine gender.

  • Reopener Clause CSEA Chapter 167 or the District shall have the right to reopen this Agreement on matters pertaining to wages and health and welfare benefits and any one other Article by giving written notice in each year prior to June 30. Negotiations shall commence under this section within ten (10) working days after fulfillment of the public notice requirements. The terms and conditions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect during such negotiations. By mutual agreement, time lines may be modified to accommodate the negotiations process.


  • Other Clauses 18.1 The non-exercise, partial exercise, or delay in the exercise of any rights that the borrower has under this Agreement shall not constitute the abandonment or alteration of such rights, nor shall it impact the borrower’s future exercise of such rights or any other rights it has under this Agreement.

  • DURATION CLAUSE A. This Agreement shall govern the rights of the Board and the Association from July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022. This Agreement shall not be extended orally and it is expressly understood that it shall expire on the date indicated.

  • Survival Clause It is the intent of the Parties that this Agreement and procurement method applies to any TIPS Sale made during the life of this Agreement even if made on or near the Contract Expiration Date as defined herein. Thus, all TIPS Sales, including but not limited to: leases, service agreements, license agreements, open purchase orders, warranties, and contracts, even if they extend months or years past the TIPS Contract Expiration Date, shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement subject to the terms and conditions of the Supplemental Agreement between Customer and Vendor or unless otherwise specified herein.

  • FOIPP Clause 1. By submitting your bid, you agree to disclosure of the information supplied, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP).

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