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These Standard Terms and Conditions. 1.3. If there is inconsistency between any part of the agreement, the inconsistency will be resolved according to the following order of priority:
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These Standard Terms and Conditions replace and render null and void any earlier agreement between the Client and Garrigues. Unless provided otherwise by the Client and Garrigues, these terms and conditions represent the entire agreement reached by the parties in relation to the professional services engaged, and shall generally be supplemented by one or more Engagement Letters which, among other elements, shall include the specific services to be provided, the team responsible for doing so and the relevant fees.
These Standard Terms and Conditions. 1.3 In the event of any inconsistency, this Agreement is to be interpreted in accordance with the following order of priority:

Related to These Standard Terms and Conditions

  • Standard Terms and Conditions Executive expressly understands and acknowledges that the Standard Terms and Conditions attached hereto are incorporated herein by reference, deemed a part of this Agreement and are binding and enforceable provisions of this Agreement. References to “this Agreement” or the use of the term “hereof” shall refer to this Agreement and the Standard Terms and Conditions attached hereto, taken as a whole.

  • Changes to these Terms and Conditions Reserving the right to change these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change or add to these terms and conditions from time to time for legal, safety or other substantive reasons or in order to assist the proper delivery of education at the School. The School will send you notice of any such modifications prior to the end of the penultimate term before the modifications are to take effect.

  • CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS This section sets forth the terms and conditions of the Contract.

  • SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS To the extent that Contractor has received an award for Lot 4, Implementation Services, the following terms and conditions apply to Lot 4 Implementation Services. All Services covered under Lot 4 – Implementation Services must be performed within CONUS. REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ) TRANSACTION PROCESS An RFQ for this Lot will be awarded based on, and result in, a deliverable-based Statement of Work (SOW) which will be incorporated into an Authorized User Agreement. The RFQ will include but is not limited to: Authorized User timeframes; system integration requirements; and other risks that may affect the cost to the Authorized User. All responses to RFQs must include detailed price information, including but not limited to: hours required per title, cost per hour, etc. Travel, lodging and per diem costs must be itemized in the total quote and may not exceed the rates in the NYS OSC Travel Policy. More information can be found at xxxx:// All costs must be itemized and included in the Contractor’s quote. PARTICIPATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR NEW YORK STATE CERTIFIED SERVICE- DISABLED VETERAN OWNED BUSINESSES Article 17-B of the New York State Executive Law provides for more meaningful participation in public procurement by certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (“SDVOB”), thereby further integrating such businesses into New York State’s economy. OGS recognizes the need to promote the employment of service-disabled veterans and to ensure that certified service-disabled veteran-owned businesses have opportunities for maximum feasible participation in the performance of OGS contracts. In recognition of the service and sacrifices made by service-disabled veterans and in recognition of their economic activity in doing business in New York State, Bidders are expected to consider SDVOBs in the fulfillment of the requirements of the Contract. Such participation may be as subcontractors or suppliers, as protégés, or in other partnering or supporting roles.

  • Online Terms and Conditions The Terms and Conditions specified herein shall govern all members of (“EHSAN AUCTIONEERS SDN. BHD. website”).

  • General Terms and Conditions In consideration of the mutual promises contained in this Agreement, and intending to be legally bound, pursuant to Section 252 of the Act, Verizon and PNG hereby agree as follows:

  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO PREVAIL These terms and conditions herein prevail over all existing terms and conditions relating to TBS and the TBS Access Code, in so far as and only to the extent that such existing terms and conditions are inconsistent with these terms and conditions herein.

  • Insurance Terms and Conditions Company must maintain the following limits and coverages uninterrupted or amended through the term of this Agreement. In the event Company becomes in default of the following requirements, Authority reserves the right to take whatever actions it deems necessary to protect its interests. Required liability policies other than Workers’ Compensation / Employer’s Liability will provide that Authority, members of Authority’s governing body, and Authority’s officers, volunteers and employees are included as additional insureds.

  • Other Terms and Conditions You also agree to be bound by any other specific terms and conditions governing such recurring/instalment payment scheme. In the event of conflict, such specific terms and conditions are to prevail over the provisions of this clause but only to the extent necessary to give full effect to those terms and conditions.

  • Additional Terms and Conditions This Annex A to the Second Amended and Restated Servicing Agreement, dated October 31, 2021 (the “Agreement”), among Xxxxx Bank and Xxxxx Trust Company, as Sellers, the Bank Assets Purchaser and, upon execution of the Joinder Agreement, the Delaware Trust Assets Purchaser, as Purchasers, and Guarantor (solely for purposes of Section 9.5 of the Agreement), is incorporated into and deemed part of the Agreement in all respects.

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