The Pro Forma Balance Sample Clauses

The Pro Forma Balance. Sheet (a) presents the liabilities of Borrower (whether contingent or not) fairly and accurately, (b) has been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and (c) reflects on its face all of the relevant financial data of Borrower currently available with respect to its liabilities. With respect to the presentation of contingent liabilities, I have consulted with counsel for Borrower regarding contingent liabilities (including without limitation, liabilities for taxes, environmental liabilities, intercompany indebtedness, liability under any sureties and guaranties and pending or threatened litigation or other proceedings and contingent liabilities) and have included as a liability our best judgment as to the probable exposure of Borrower to contingent liabilities that would not be included in reserves otherwise reflected in the balance sheet.
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The Pro Forma Balance. Sheet accurately reflects (i) the adjustments specified in the journal entries attached thereto as part of Schedule 2.8C and (ii) all other adjustments to the balance sheet included in the October 31 Compiled Financial Statements required to be made to give effect to the Restructuring Transactions, the Contribution and the other transactions contemplated hereby to occur on the Closing Date as if the Restructuring Transactions and such other transactions had occurred on November 1, 1996.
The Pro Forma Balance. Sheet reflects adjustments made on a Pro Forma Basis to give effect to the consummation of the transactions contemplated by the Investment Agreement and the payment of transaction fees and expenses related to the foregoing and the consummation of the other Transactions, all as if such events had occurred on the date as of which the Pro Forma Balance Sheet is prepared. The Pro Forma Balance Sheet has been prepared based on stated assumptions made in good faith and having a reasonable basis set forth therein, presents fairly in all material respects the consolidated financial condition of the Company and its Subsidiaries on an unaudited Pro Forma Basis as of the date set forth therein after giving effect to the consummation of the transactions described above.
The Pro Forma Balance. Sheet and the Projections have been prepared under the direction of the undersigned, and the undersigned has reexamined the Pro Forma Balance Sheet and the Projections as of the date hereof and considered the effect thereon of any changes since the date of the preparation thereof on the financial condition set forth and the results projected therein.

Related to The Pro Forma Balance

  • Pro Forma Balance Sheet The Administrative Agent shall have received the Pro Forma Balance Sheet in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and the Required Lenders;

  • Pro Forma Basis For purposes of computing the Consolidated Leverage Ratio and the Consolidated Interest Coverage Ratio, such ratios (and any financial calculations or components required to be made or included therein) shall be determined, with respect to the relevant period, after giving pro forma effect to each (a) Acquisition and Disposition of a Person, business or asset and (b) repayment and incurrence of any Indebtedness, in each case consummated during such period, together with all transactions relating thereto consummated during such period (including any incurrence, assumption, refinancing or repayment of Indebtedness), as if such Acquisition, Disposition and related transactions had been consummated on the first day of such period, in each case (i) based on historical results accounted for in accordance with GAAP and (ii) prepared in accordance with Regulation S-X under the Securities Act of 1933, as in effect on the Closing Date (provided, that cost savings expected to be realized following an Acquisition in respect of the elimination of duplicative positions and the closing of duplicative facilities may be reflected in such determination as if such cost savings had been effected as of the beginning of such period, so long as (x) such elimination and/or closings are implemented by the business that was the subject of any such Acquisition within six months of the date of such Acquisition and are supportable and quantifiable by the underlying accounting records of such business and (y) all cost increases expected to be incurred following such Acquisition are also reflected in such determination as if such cost increases had been incurred as of the beginning of such period), and, with respect to all calculations made in clauses (i) and (ii), to the extent applicable, based upon reasonable assumptions that are specified in reasonable detail in the relevant Compliance Certificate or other certificate furnished to the Administrative Agent in connection with the terms of this Agreement.

  • Pro Forma Compliance Compliance with the financial covenants set forth in clauses (a) and (b) above shall always be calculated on a Pro Forma Basis.

  • Pro Forma Balance Sheet; Financial Statements The Lenders shall have received (i) the Pro Forma Balance Sheet, (ii) audited consolidated financial statements of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries for the most recently ended fiscal year and (iii) unaudited interim consolidated financial statements of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries for each fiscal quarter ended after the date of the latest applicable financial statements delivered pursuant to clause (i) of this paragraph as to which such financial statements are available.

  • Pro Forma Adjustments The pro forma adjustments included in the unaudited pro forma condensed combined financial information are as follows:

  • Interest Coverage Ratio The Borrower will not permit the Interest Coverage Ratio as of the end of any Fiscal Quarter to be less than 3.00 to 1.00.

  • Pro Forma The Pro Forma delivered on the date hereof and attached hereto as Disclosure Schedule 3.4(b) was prepared by Borrower giving pro forma effect to the Related Transactions, was based on the unaudited balance sheet of Borrower dated August 31, 2003, and was prepared in accordance with GAAP, with only such adjustments thereto as would be required in accordance with GAAP.

  • Leverage Ratios Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, for purposes of calculating any leverage ratio herein in connection with the incurrence of any Indebtedness, (a) there shall be no netting of the cash proceeds proposed to be received in connection with the incurrence of such Indebtedness and (b) to the extent the Indebtedness to be incurred is revolving Indebtedness, such incurred revolving Indebtedness (or if applicable, the portion (and only such portion) of the increased commitments thereunder) shall be treated as fully drawn.

  • Pro Forma Statement The Receiver, as soon as practicable after Bank Closing, in accordance with the best information then available, shall provide to the Assuming Institution a pro forma statement reflecting any adjustments of such liabilities and assets as may be necessary. Such pro forma statement shall take into account, to the extent possible, (i) liabilities and assets of a nature similar to those contemplated by Section 2.1 or Section 3.1, respectively, which at Bank Closing were carried in the Failed Bank's suspense accounts, (ii) accruals as of Bank Closing for all income related to the assets and business of the Failed Bank acquired by the Assuming Institution hereunder, whether or not such accruals were reflected on the Accounting Records of the Failed Bank in the normal course of its operations, and (iii) adjustments to determine the Book Value of any investment in an Acquired Subsidiary and related accounts on the "bank only" (unconsolidated) balance sheet of the Failed Bank based on the equity method of accounting, whether or not the Failed Bank used the equity method of accounting for investments in subsidiaries, except that the resulting amount cannot be less than the Acquired Subsidiary's recorded equity as of Bank Closing as reflected on the Accounting Records of the Acquired Subsidiary. Any Loan purchased by the Assuming Institution pursuant to Section 3.1 which the Failed Bank charged off during the period beginning the day after the Bid Valuation Date to the date of Bank Closing shall be deemed not to be charged off for the purposes of the pro forma statement, and the purchase price shall be determined pursuant to Section 3.2.

  • Cash Flow Coverage Ratio Maintain a Cash Flow Coverage Ratio as of the last day of each of its fiscal quarters of not less than 3.25 to 1.