The Company Secretary Sample Clauses

The Company Secretary. The Company Secretary is appointed by the Board and is responsible for developing and maintaining the information systems and processes that are appropriate for the Board to fulfil its role. The Company Secretary is responsible to the Board for ensuring compliance with Board procedures and governance matters. The Company Secretary is accountable directly to the Board, through the Chairman, on all matters to do with the proper functioning of the Board. The Company Secretary is also responsible for overseeing and coordinating disclosure of information to the ASX as well as communicating with the ASX.
The Company Secretary. The contact details of the Recipients will be provided by the Company Secretary. Reports can be made by email, telephone, in person [or online. The Company recognises that there may be issues of sensitivity whereby a Discloser does not feel comfortable to make a report to an internal recipient. In such cases, the Discloser may feel more comfortable making an anonymous disclosure to an external recipient. Nothing in this Whistleblower Policy (including anonymous reporting) should be taken in any way as restricting someone from reporting any matter or providing any information to a regulator (such as ASIC, the APRA, Commissioner), the Company’s auditor or a member of the audit team, a lawyer (to obtain advice or representation) or any other person in accordance with any relevant law, regulation or other requirement. Information in relation to whistleblowing is available from such regulators and can generally be downloaded on their website.
The Company Secretary at the registered office of the Buyer or such other address within England as may be notified to the Sellers by the Guarantor; or
The Company Secretary. The company secretary plays a key role in supporting the Board’s functions. The company secretary is responsible for ensuring that business conducted at Board and Committee meetings is aligned with the Company’s internal governance procedures and appropriately documented, and is directly accountable to the Infomedia Board, through the Chairman, in performing these functions. Appointments to the secretarial role are made by resolution of the Board.
The Company Secretary. The Company Secretary will:
The Company Secretary. select, appoint, and when necessary replace, the Company Secretary; • evaluate the performance of the Company Secretary; • determine the duration, remuneration and other terms of appointment of the Company Secretary; and • develop and maintain a succession plan for the role of Company Secretary.
The Company Secretary. The Company Secretary is accountable directly to the Board, through the Chair, on all matters to do with the proper functioning of the Board.The role of the Company Secretary is to:▪ advise the Board and its Committees on governance matters;▪ monitor that the Board and Committee policy and procedures are followed;▪ coordinate the agenda and distribution of Board and Committee papers in a timely manner prior to each meeting;▪ draft the minutes of the meetings to ensure that the business of the Board and Committee meetings is accurately captured, and distribute to the Board for approval;▪ coordinate the induction and professional development of Directors; and 1.6▪ maintain the Board’s secretariat files. Evaluating Board performanceThe Board Charter requires that the Board should review its own performance, the performance of its standing Committees, and the performance of individual Directors every year. The Board has delegated responsibility for these reviews to the Remuneration and Nominations Committee, which has the discretion to engage an external consultant to facilitate this review every three years.In August 2022, a performance assessment of the Board, Committees and individual Directors was conducted and the following performance criteria was considered: ▪ Role ClarityNetworkingStrategyStakeholder CommunicationCEO/Senior Management Team OversightDecision MakingMonitoringEffective GovernanceRisk Management▪ Board DynamicsComplianceMeeting ProcessesPolicy FrameworkCommittee Structure
The Company Secretary of the Borrower is desig- nated as representative of the Borrower for the purposes of Section 11.03 of the General Conditions.