Subscribed Sample Clauses

Subscribed sworn to and acknowledged by said Susan Layman on this 10th dax xx Xxxxxxxer, 1986. // Glenda Devore // --------------------- Notary Public My Commission Expires: 7/16/90
Subscribed. Shares issued in this Issuance are ordinary shares and the par value of each Subscribed Share is RMB 1.00.
Subscribed to the Company Newsletter so as to ensure that each Producer and Sub-Producer becomes aware of Company and Carrier changes in process or procedure on a timely basis.
Subscribed. 1 share. (Signed) _______________________________

Related to Subscribed

  • Subscription Price Each Warrant is exercisable at a price per share (the “Exercise Price”) of US$1.00. One (1) Warrant and the Exercise Price are required to subscribe for each share during the term of the Warrants.

  • Subscription Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, at the Closing (as defined below), Subscriber hereby agrees to subscribe for and purchase, and the Company hereby agrees to issue and sell to Subscriber, upon the payment of the Purchase Price, the Subscribed Shares (such subscription and issuance, the “Subscription”).

  • Subscription for Shares For the sum of $25,000 (the “Purchase Price”), which the Company acknowledges receiving in cash, the Company hereby issues the Shares to the Subscriber, and the Subscriber hereby subscribes for the Shares from the Company, subject to forfeiture, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement. Concurrently with the Subscriber’s execution of this Agreement, the Company shall, at its option, deliver to the Subscriber a certificate registered in the Subscriber’s name representing the Shares (the “Original Certificate”) and update its Register of Members accordingly. All references in this Agreement to shares of the Company being forfeited shall take effect as surrenders for no consideration of such shares as a matter of Cayman Islands law. The Subscriber surrenders for no consideration the one Class B ordinary share of the Company currently held by it following the incorporation of the Company.

  • User Subscriptions Unless otherwise specified in the applicable Order Form, (i) Services are purchased as User subscriptions and may be accessed by no more than the specified number of Users, (ii) additional User subscriptions may be added during the subscription term at the same pricing as that for the pre-existing subscriptions, prorated for the remainder of the subscription term in effect at the time the additional User subscriptions are added, and (iii) the added User subscriptions shall terminate on the same date as the pre-existing subscriptions. User subscriptions are for designated Users and cannot be shared or used by more than one User but may be reassigned to new Users replacing former Users who no longer require ongoing use of the Services.

  • Subscription Term The transfer of Software Subscription(s) to Cloud Access does not change the start date or the duration of the original Software Subscription(s) and once your Software Subscription expires, your access to the Software Subscription in the Vendor’s Cloud will cease, unless otherwise renewed. You may renew your Software Subscription with Red Hat directly or an authorized partner.

  • Subscriber Any Person, firm, corporation or other entity, who or which contracts with the Licensee and lawfully receives, for any purpose, a Cable Service provided or distributed by the Licensee by means of, or in connection with, Cable Television System.

  • Subscriptions Unless otherwise provided in the applicable Order Form, (a) Services and Content are purchased as subscriptions, (b) subscriptions may be added during a subscription term at the same pricing as the underlying subscription pricing, prorated for the portion of that subscription term remaining at the time the subscriptions are added, and (c) any added subscriptions will terminate on the same date as the underlying subscriptions.

  • Subscription Rights In case any stock or other securities of the Company are offered for subscription to the holders of shares of the Company deposited hereunder, the Trustees, promptly upon receipt of notice of such offer, shall mail or deliver a copy thereof to each registered holder of a Trust Certificate. If at least five (5) days prior to the last day on which such subscription can be made, the Trustee shall receive a request from any Trust Certificate holder to subscribe in his behalf for a stated amount of such stock or securities, together with the sum of money required to pay for the same, the Trustees shall make such subscription and the necessary payment, and upon receiving from the Company the stock or securities so subscribed for, shall issue to such Trust Certificate holder a new Trust Certificate in respect thereof if the same be voting shares, but if the same not be voting shares the Trustees shall mail or deliver the stock or securities received from the Company to the Trust Certificate holder in whose behalf the subscription is made or may instruct the Company to make delivery thereof directly to said Trust Certificate holder; provided, however, that if the aggregate amount of such stock or securities which the Trustees shall be so requested to subscribe for shall exceed the total amount which the Trustees have the right to subscribe for as shareholders of the Company under the terms of the Company’s offer, then the Trustees shall first, on behalf of each requesting Trust Certificate holder, subscribe for that amount which, under the terms of the Company’s offer, he would have had the right to subscribe for if he had held directly the number of shares represented by his Trust Certificate or Certificates; and any balance of such stock or securities then additionally available for subscription by the Trustees shall be subscribed for on behalf of each additionally requesting Trust Certificate holder in the proportion which the amount of his additional request bears to the total amount of additional requests received by the Trustees.

  • Subscribers identification and contact data (name, date of birth, gender, general, occupation or other demographic information, address, title, contact details, including email address), personal interests or preferences (including purchase history, marketing preferences and publically available social media profile information); IT information (IP addresses, usage data, cookies data, online navigation data, location data, browser data); financial information (credit card details, account details, payment information).

  • Subscription for Units I hereby irrevocably subscribe for the amount of Units (and partial Units rounded to four decimal places) of Limited Partnership Interest (“Units”) of Potomac Futures Fund L.P. (the “Partnership”) as indicated on page B-8 hereof. I understand that each Unit will be offered at Net Asset Value per Unit on the date of sale. I understand that Citigroup Global Markets Inc., a corporation organized under the laws of the State of New York (“CGM”), and Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx LLC, a limited liability company organized under the laws of the State of Delaware (“MSSB”), act as selling agents for the Partnership. I hereby authorize CGM to debit my brokerage account in the amount of my subscription as described in the Private Placement Offering Memorandum and Disclosure Document of the Partnership dated August 1, 2009 as amended or supplemented from time to time (the “Memorandum”). I understand that all capitalized terms used in this subscription agreement (this “Subscription Agreement”) that are not separately defined herein shall have the respective meanings set forth in the Memorandum. I am aware that this subscription is not binding on the Partnership unless and until it is accepted by Ceres Managed Futures LLC, a limited liability company organized under the laws of the State of Delaware and the Partnership’s general partner (the “General Partner”), which may reject this subscription in whole or in part for any reason whatsoever. I understand that the General Partner will advise me within five business days of receipt of my funds and this Subscription Agreement if my subscription has been rejected. I further understand that if this subscription is not accepted, the full amount of my subscription will be promptly returned to me without deduction.