Subpoenas Directed to CUSTOMER Sample Clauses

Subpoenas Directed to CUSTOMER. Where BellSouth is providing to CUSTOMER Services, then CUSTOMER agrees that in those cases where CUSTOMER receives subpoenas or court ordered requests regarding targeted telephone numbers belonging to CUSTOMER’s End Users, and where CUSTOMER does not have the requested information, CUSTOMER will advise the law enforcement agency initiating the request to redirect the subpoena or court ordered request to BellSouth for handling in accordance with 5.1 above.

Related to Subpoenas Directed to CUSTOMER

  • Subpoenas Directed to BellSouth Where BellSouth provides resold services for Image Access, or, if applicable under this Agreement, switching, BellSouth shall respond to subpoenas and court ordered requests delivered directly to BellSouth for the purpose of providing call detail records when the targeted telephone numbers belong to Image Access End Users. Billing for such requests will be generated by BellSouth and directed to the law enforcement agency initiating the request. BellSouth shall maintain such information for Image Access End Users for the same length of time it maintains such information for its own End Users.

  • Production of Witnesses; Records; Cooperation (a) After the Effective Time, except in the case of a Dispute between Parent and SpinCo, or any members of their respective Groups, each Party shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to make available to the other Party, upon written request, the former, current and future directors, officers, employees, other personnel and agents of the members of its respective Group as witnesses and any books, records or other documents within its control or which it otherwise has the ability to make available without undue burden, to the extent that any such person (giving consideration to business demands of such directors, officers, employees, other personnel and agents) or books, records or other documents may reasonably be required in connection with any Action in which the requesting Party (or member of its Group) may from time to time be involved, regardless of whether such Action is a matter with respect to which indemnification may be sought hereunder. The requesting Party shall bear all costs and expenses in connection therewith.

  • Updated Information Submission by Interconnection Customer The updated information submission by the Interconnection Customer, including manufacturer information, shall occur no later than one hundred eighty (180) Calendar Days prior to the Trial Operation. The Interconnection Customer shall submit a completed copy of the Electric Generating Unit data requirements contained in Appendix 1 to the LGIP. It shall also include any additional information provided to the Participating TO and the CAISO for the Interconnection Studies. Information in this submission shall be the most current Electric Generating Unit design or expected performance data. Information submitted for stability models shall be compatible with the Participating TO and CAISO standard models. If there is no compatible model, the Interconnection Customer will work with a consultant mutually agreed to by the Parties to develop and supply a standard model and associated information. If the Interconnection Customer's data is materially different from what was originally provided to the Participating TO and the CAISO for the Interconnection Studies, then the Participating TO and the CAISO will conduct appropriate studies pursuant to the LGIP to determine the impact on the Participating TO’s Transmission System and affected portions of the CAISO Controlled Grid based on the actual data submitted pursuant to this Article 24.3. The Interconnection Customer shall not begin Trial Operation until such studies are completed and all other requirements of this LGIA are satisfied.

  • Information and Services Required of the Owner § 3.1.1 The Owner shall provide information with reasonable promptness, regarding requirements for and limitations on the Project, including a written program which shall set forth the Owner’s objectives, constraints, and criteria, including schedule, space requirements and relationships, flexibility and expandability, special equipment, systems, sustainability and site requirements.

  • NYS OFFICE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES NOTIFICATION All New York State Agencies must notify the Office of Information Technology Services of any and all plans to procure IT and IT -related products, materials and services meeting required thresholds defined in Technology Policy NYS–P08-001: xxxxx://, as may be amended, modified or superseded. SALES REPORTING REQUIREMENTS Contractor shall furnish OGS with quarterly sales reports utilizing Appendix I - Report of Contract Sales. Purchases by Non- State Agencies, political subdivisions and others authorized by law shall be reported in the same report and indicated as required. All fields of information shall be accurate and complete. OGS reserves the right to unilaterally make revisions, changes and/or updates to Appendix I - Report of Contract Sales or to require sales to be reported in a different format without processing a formal amendment and/or modification. Further, additional related sales information and/or detailed Authorized User purchases may be required by OGS and must be supplied upon request. Reseller Sales Product sold through Reseller(s) must be reported by Contractor in the required Appendix I – Report of Contract Sales. Due Date The Appendix I - Report of Contract Sales will be quarterly (January - March, April - June, July - September and October - December). Reports will be due 1 month after the closing quarter. SERVICE REPORTS FOR MAINTENANCE/SUPPORT AND WARRANTY WORK Service Reports for Authorized User An Authorized User in an RFQ may require compliance with any or all of this section. If requested by the Authorized User, the Contractor shall furnish the Authorized User with service reports for all Maintenance/support and warranty work upon completion of the services. The service reports may include the following information in either electronic or hard copy form as designated by the Authorized User:  Date and time Contractor was notified  Date and time of Contractor’s arrival  Make and model of the Product  Description of malfunction reported by Authorized User  Diagnosis of failure and/or work performed by Contractor  Date and time failure was corrected by Contractor  Type of service – Maintenance/support or warranty  Charges, if any, for the service Service Reports for OGS

  • Why We Collect Information and For How Long We are collecting your data for several reasons: · To better understand your needs and provide you with the services you have requested; · To fulfill our legitimate interest in improving our services and products; · To send you promotional emails containing information we think you may like when we have your consent to do so; · To contact you to fill out surveys or participate in other types of market research, when we have your consent to do so; · To customize our website according to your online behavior and personal preferences. The data we collect from you will be stored for no longer than necessary. The length of time we retain said information will be determined based upon the following criteria: the length of time your personal information remains relevant; the length of time it is reasonable to keep records to demonstrate that we have fulfilled our duties and obligations; any limitation periods within which claims might be made; any retention periods prescribed by law or recommended by regulators, professional bodies or associations; the type of contract we have with you, the existence of your consent, and our legitimate interest in keeping such information as stated in this Policy.

  • Proposing Integration Activities in the Planning Submission No integration activity described in section 6.3 may be proposed in a CAPS unless the LHIN has consented, in writing, to its inclusion pursuant to the process set out in section 6.3(b).

  • Information About You and Your Visits to the Website All information we collect on this Website is subject to our Privacy Policy. By using the Website, you consent to all actions taken by us with respect to your information in compliance with the Privacy Policy.

  • Expedited Advertising Compliance Review $__ for the first 10 pages (minutes if audio or video); $__ per page (minute if audio or video) thereafter, 24 hour initial turnaround. § $__ FINRA filing fee per communication piece for the first 10 pages (minutes if audio or video); $__ per page (minute if audio or video) thereafter. FINRA filing fee subject to change. (FINRA filing fee may not apply to all communication pieces.)

  • Information for Regulatory Compliance Each of the Company and the Depositary shall provide to the other, as promptly as practicable, information from its records or otherwise available to it that is reasonably requested by the other to permit the other to comply with applicable law or requirements of governmental or regulatory authorities.