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Speak At. The Hearing If I Don’t Like The Settlement? Page [ ] What If I Bought Shares On Someone Else’s Behalf? Page [ ] Can I See The Court File? Whom Should I Contact If I Have Questions? Page [ ] WHY DID I GET THIS NOTICE?
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Speak At. The Hearing If I Don’t Like The Settlement? Page [ ] What If I Bought Shares On Someone Else’s Behalf? Page [ ] Can I See The Court File? Whom Should I Contact If I Have Questions? Page [ ] Proposed Plan of Allocation of Net Settlement Fund Among Authorized Claimants Appendix A WHY DID I GET THIS NOTICE?

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  • Job Postings The employee may apply for a job posting at either home based on their seniority at the designated employer. The vacancy will be filled in accordance with Article 9 of the collective agreement. Where seniority is the deciding factor the most senior candidate will be selected regardless of which home her/his seniority was accumulated.

  • Employee Attendance at Staff Meetings (a) Where an employee is directed by the Employer to attend a staff meeting during their regular working hours, the employee shall be compensated at their regular hourly rate for the time spent in such attendance.

  • JOB POSTING Where a permanent vacancy occurs in a classification within the bargaining unit or a new position within the bargaining unit is established by the Hospital, such vacancy shall be posted for a period of seven (7) consecutive calendar days. Applications for such vacancy shall be made in writing within the seven (7) day period referred to herein. Where the end of the seven (7) days falls on a weekend, or a holiday (as defined in Article L.18.1), the posting will close on the first business day following. The postings shall stipulate the job title, department, campus, status, number of vacancies, shift rotation where applicable, classification, rate of pay, normal requirements of the position, work location where applicable as determined by the Employer (unit, work area, sector), and normal hours of work. A copy of the job description for the position shall be made available for review by an interested applicant by the Human Resources Department upon request. A copy of all job postings shall be emailed to the local Union office the day prior to the initial posting of the position. It is understood that the hours of work on the job posting is for information purposes only. The Hospital agrees that it shall post permanent vacant positions within thirty (30) calendar days of the position becoming vacant, unless the Hospital provides the Union notice under Article 9.08 of its intention to eliminate the position. In matters of promotion and staff transfer appointment shall be made of the senior applicant able to meet the normal requirements of the job. Successful employees need not be considered for other vacancies within a six (6) month period unless an opportunity arises which allows the employee to change his or her permanent status. The name of the successful applicant will be posted on the bulletin boards for a period of seven (7) calendar days. Where there are no successful applicants from within this bargaining unit for vacant positions referred to in this Article, employees in other CUPE bargaining units at the Hospital will be selected in accordance with the criteria for selection above, prior to considering persons who are not member of CUPE bargaining units at the Hospital. The employees eligible for consideration shall be limited to those employees who have applied for the position in accordance with this Article, and selection shall be made in accordance with this Article. The successful applicant shall be allowed a trial period of up to thirty (30) days, during which the Hospital will determine if the employee can satisfactorily perform the job. Within this period the employee may voluntarily return, or be returned by the Hospital to the position formerly occupied, without loss of seniority. The vacancy resulting from the posting may be filled on a temporary basis until the trial period is completed. A list of vacancies filled in the preceding month under this Article and the names of the successful applicants will be posted, with a copy provided to the Union.

  • VACANCIES AND JOB POSTINGS 17.01 When a job vacancy or vacancies occur within the bargaining unit and the Employer intends to fill the vacancy, the Employer will post an announcement of such vacancy or vacancies on all Union bulletin boards. Said postings shall remain posted for a period of five (5) working days. The announcement shall contain the job title of the vacancy, a brief job description and the rate of pay, and the date of the posting and bid deadline date.

  • STOPWORK MEETINGS 30.1 Subject to subsections 30.2 to 30.5, the employer shall allow every employee covered by this Agreement to attend, on ordinary pay, at least two meetings (each of a maximum of two hours' duration) in each year (being the period beginning on the 1st day of January and ending on the following 31st day of December) with their representatives.

  • Posting of Vacant Positions Positions that are not filled through placement of employees from the layoff list or internal transfer list will be posted for a period of at least seven (7) calendar days, during which time, internal and external applicants may apply. The posting will include, at a minimum, a description of the work to be performed, the requirements of the position, the rate of pay and the shift.

  • Directory Assistance messages; IntraLATA Toll;

  • Job Search The Employer should assist surplus staff to find alternative employment by allowing them a reasonable amount of time off work to attend job interviews without loss of pay. This is subject to the Employer being notified of the time and location of the interview before the employee is released to attend it.

  • Check Meters Developer, at its option and expense, may install and operate, on its premises and on its side of the Point of Interconnection, one or more check meters to check Connecting Transmission Owner’s meters. Such check meters shall be for check purposes only and shall not be used for the measurement of power flows for purposes of this Agreement, except as provided in Article 7.4 below. The check meters shall be subject at all reasonable times to inspection and examination by Connecting Transmission Owner or its designee. The installation, operation and maintenance thereof shall be performed entirely by Developer in accordance with Good Utility Practice.

  • Queue Position The order of a valid Interconnection Application, relative to all other pending valid Interconnection Applications, that is established based upon the date- and time- of receipt of the complete Interconnection Application as described in Section 4.7 of the Overview ProcessError! Reference source not found.. Reasonable Efforts – With respect to an action required to be attempted or taken by a Party under these procedures, efforts that are timely and consistent with Good Utility Practice and are otherwise substantially equivalent to those a Party would use to protect its own interests. Reference Point of Applicability – The location, either the Point of Common Coupling or the Point of DER Connection, where the interconnection and interoperability performance requirements specified in IEEE 1547 apply. With mutual agreement, the Area EPS Operator and Customer may determine a point between the Point of Common Coupling and Point of DER Connection. See Minnesota Technical Requirements for more information. Simplified Process – The procedure for evaluating an Interconnection Application for a certified inverter-based DER no larger than 20 kW that uses the screens described in the Interconnection Process – Simplified Process document. The Simplified Process includes simplified procedures.

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