SEPA Sample Clauses

SEPA. Pursuant to the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), piecemeal environmental review is to be discouraged. As such, the Parties wish for SEPA review to be accomplished as part of the Agreement for as many of the Property’s potential adverse environmental impacts as can be reasonably analyzed, based upon current information contained within the SEPA checklist submitted with this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the traffic study, GIS data as to the general presence of wetlands on some portions of the Property and off site storm water impacts. This review is done under the Consolidated Review provisions of SEPA. The SEPA checklist attendant with this Agreement identifies various potential adverse impacts including transportation, parks, wetlands sewer, water and storm water. The Checklist also identifies a variety of technical reports or information that provides a basis for the proposed mitigation or partial mitigation of these impacts. It is the intent of this Agreement and its attendant SEPA process, to have the County issue a Threshold Determination (as that term is utilized in RCW 43.21C) on the identified conceptually proposed impacts of the development of the Property. Uses and impacts that are identified at future stages of the development, i.e., preliminary plat approval or PUD approval, that have been previously analyzed through this or other SEPA processes, shall not be re-analyzed as long as the future identified adverse impacts are substantially similar to and of the same or less intensity as those previously analyzed under this or other SEPA processes. Any probable significant adverse environmental impacts of the Property’s future proposed development that have not been analyzed under the SEPA process attendant with this Agreement or previously through some other lawful SEPA process, shall be undertaken at the time of such future development.
SEPA. The Parties acknowledge that the Development Project is subject to review and potential mitigation under various laws, including SEPA. Before the City Council considers approval of any Transaction Documents, the City will complete an environmental impact statement (“EIS”), including a comprehensive traffic and historic resources impact analysis, and identification of possible mitigating actions. The CiDRAFtT y may not take any action within the meaning of SEPA except as authorized by law, and nothing in this MOU is intended to limit the City’s exercise of substantive SEPA authority. OVG will pay for the preparation of the EIS, reimburse the City for the reasonable costs incurred by the City as part of the SEPA review, and will be responsible for funding any required mitigation imposed through substantive SEPA authority.
SEPA. SEPA" means the State Environmental Policy Act, Chapter 43.21C RCW.
SEPA. SEPA believes that the only nations, societies and businesses which will thrive in the 21st century will be those which have developed ways to prosper within our planet’s capacity to support them, including adapting to and taking early action on climate change. Scotland has committed to becoming a world leader in addressing climate change, and is already taking ambitious steps to drive a low carbon economy, creating new opportunities for a stronger and more inclusive economy and society. SEPA’s job is to help make this happen, including working with and supporting people and groups in Scotland that share this aim. Why is SEPA working with Nestlé? Source: SEPA One Planet Prosperity, A Regulatory Strategy SEPA’s Regulatory Strategy, One Planet Prosperity, describes the 21st century environmental challenges that Scotland and other countries across the world face, including over-use of natural resources and climate change. According to the ecological footprint measure of, Scotland needs approximately three planets to sustain its current way of living. There is, however, only one planet and most nations around the world face the dilemma of significantly overusing the planet’s capacity to support human activity. All parts of our communities, businesses and government will have key roles to play in enabling Scotland to successfully tackle this 21st century challenge of creating social and economic success within planetary constraints. In terms of environmental regulation, this effectively means that SEPA needs to:
SEPA. The Member shall have the right to purchase electric supply service from the Southeastern Power Administration (“SEPA”) or its successor unless the Seller shall qualify as a customer of and contract for electric service from SEPA or its successor.
SEPA. The Parties acknowledge that the Project is subject to review and potential mitigation under various laws, including the State Environmental Policy Act, Chapter 43.21C of the Revised Code of Washington (“RCW”), and the state and local implementing rules promulgated thereunder (collectively, “SEPA”). The City or County may not take any "action" within the meaning of SEPA except as authorized by law, and nothing in this MOU is intended to limit the City’s or County's exercise of substantive SEPA authority.
SEPA. 3.1 Sound Transit is the “lead agency” for the purposes of the Project compliance for SEPA. The City agrees that the Project has been subject to procedural and substantive SEPA through issuance of the following environmental documents, which comprise the “Project Environmental Documents”:
SEPA. While any amounts are due and outstanding under the Note the Company shall not terminate the SEPA and the SEPA shall be in full for and effect.