Selection of Interest Period Sample Clauses

Selection of Interest Period. The Borrower may by notice received by the Lender not later than 10:00 a.m. (London time) on the third Banking Day before the beginning of each Interest Period specify (subject to Clause 3.3 below) whether such Interest Period shall have a duration of one (1) or two (2) or three (3) or six (6) months (or such other period as may be requested by the Borrower and as the Lender, in its sole discretion, may agree to).
Selection of Interest Period. An Interest Period for a Drawing is:
Selection of Interest Period. Upon delivering a Notice of Borrowing under Section 2.3(a) hereof, Borrower shall advise Agent as to whether the Advance shall be (i) a LIBOR Advance, in which case Borrower shall specify the applicable Interest Period therefor, or (ii) a Base Rate Advance. Prior to 2:00 P.M. at least three (3) LIBOR Business Days prior to the expiration of each Interest Period with respect to a LIBOR Advance, Borrower shall give Agent notice (a "Rate Selection Notice"), specifying whether such Advance shall, on the last day of such Interest Period, be continued as a LIBOR Advance or converted to a Base Rate Advance. With respect to any Base Rate Advance, Borrower shall have the right, on any LIBOR Business Day, as the case may be ("Conversion Date"), to convert such Base Rate Advance to a LIBOR Advance, by giving Agent a Rate Selection Notice of such selection at least three (3) LIBOR Business Days prior to such Conversion Date. Each Rate Selection Notice shall either be in writing or by telephone immediately followed by written notice. If any Rate Selection Notice shall specify that said Advance shall be a LIBOR Advance, such Rate Selection Notice shall also specify the length of the succeeding Interest Period selected by Borrower with respect to such Advance. If a Rate Selection Notice shall not have been timely received by Agent in respect of a LIBOR Advance prior to the expiration of the then-relevant Interest Period for such LIBOR Advance, then Borrower shall be deemed to have elected to continue such Advance as a LIBOR Advance, with an Interest Period of thirty (30) days. Promptly after receipt of a Rate Selection Notice under this Section 2.3(c), Agent shall send a copy thereof to each Lender by telex or telecopy, or similar form of transmission.
Selection of Interest Period and the other provisions of this Clause 3.3 and the expression “Interest Period in respect of the Loan” when used in this Agreement refers to the Interest Period in respect of the balance of the Loan;
Selection of Interest Period. A Borrower’s choice of Interest Period shall be specified in the Notice of Drawdown in the form set out in Schedule 1 (Form of Notice of Drawdown) or in case of Facility B Loans and Facility C Loans (if the Loan(s) has already been borrowed) in a Selection Notice in the form set out in Schedule 2 (Form of Selection Notice), to be received by the Lender prior to 10.00 a.m. Copenhagen time 3 (three) Banking Days in advance of the first day of the requested Interest Period. If an Interest Period has not been selected by the relevant Borrower in the Notice of Drawdown or in the Selection Notice where applicable, the Interest Period shall be for a duration of 1 (one) month.
Selection of Interest Period and this Clause 3.3, such Interest Period shall have a duration of three (3) months unless another period shall be agreed between the Lender and the Borrowers provided, always, that such period (whether of three (3) months or of different duration) shall comply with this Clause 3.3;
Selection of Interest Period. Subject to Section 4.05, Borrower shall be entitled to select the Interest Period except that the Interest Period commencing on the Effective Date shall be a one-month Interest Period. Each selection of an Interest Period must be timely received by Lender as provided in Section 4.05.
Selection of Interest Period. The Borrower's selection of the duration of Interest Period shall be irrevocable and shall be effective only if noted on the applicable Notice of Borrowing and Pledge. Prior to the termination of the Interest Period selected pursuant to this Section 3.04, the Borrower may elect an Interest Period by delivering written notice, substantially in the form of Annex L attached hereto, to the Lender indicating the desired Interest Period, which such notice must be received no later than two (2) Business Day(s) prior to the date on which the then current Interest Period is scheduled to end. In the event no such written notice is received by the Lender, the applicable Interest Rate shall be one month.
Selection of Interest Period and 3.3 (
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