Search Sample Clauses

Search. When a chair is to be selected, the President/designee shall consult with the department faculty regarding departmental, college, and university objectives. After consultation with the department faculty, the President/designee shall determine whether the new chair is to be chosen from within the university or whether the search shall include candidates from outside the university. In either case, an election shall be held by the faculty of the department for the purpose of selecting the nominee.
Search. The search mechanism is tightly integrated with the navigation tool. The user is able to perform sophisticated keyword searches with the help of a 3rd party search engine integrated within the Juggernaut framework. The search tool will generate a list of products matching the search request. They system will automatically generate a pull-down list of appropriate choices based on the user's initial request in the search field, in order to avoid too many results.
Search. The Search field, located in the header, is a global search tool which allows you to search for any monitored object or help topic.
Search. Solely in the event that the Company (acting in good faith) has good reason to believe that the Executive is acting in breach of the material terms of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to search the Executive’s person, vehicle and property while on or departing from the Company’s premises.
Search. I consent to the search of my person, residence, vehicle, personal property, and other real property or structures owned or leased by me, or for which I am the controlling authority conducted by any agent of IDOC or a law enforcement officer. I hereby waive my rights under the Fourth Amendment and the Idaho constitution concerning searches.
Search. If it becomes necessary for Bank to search for all or any of the Collateral at the time of foreclosure, Bank may do so and Borrowers shall reimburse Bank on demand for the expenses incurred by Bank in doing so with interest at the default rate specified above in Section 4(b), and this amount shall constitute Secured Obligations secured by this Agreement.
Search. Searches assigned area in order to locate victims and to obtain further information about incident, following standard search procedures.  Searches floor or area of fire, or other hazard, for conscious and unconscious victims, sweeping assigned search area with arms, legs or tools.  Searches floors above and below fire, or other hazard, including stairwells and bulkheads, for inhabitants who need to be moved or rescued.  Views perimeter of the building to determine if there are victims needing assistance at windows, on ledges, or who have jumped.  Identifies hazardous conditions in course of search and informs others of the problem.  Determines search procedure or strategy needed to accomplish objectives.  Searches structures for seat of fire, or other hazard, and extension.
Search a. When there is a good reason to believe that the person being searched for has a life- threatening injury or illness.