Scholarship Sample Clauses

Scholarship. A requirement for tenure or for promotion to any rank is evidence of scholarly activity and achievement, or creative work in the performing and fine arts, and recognition of one's work by academic peers. Evidence of scholarship or its equivalent includes:
Scholarship. Faculty Members are entitled and expected to engage in scholarship (as defined in Article 1.1(n)), to show scholarly integrity therein, and to disseminate the results of their scholarship or exhibit the results of their creative work. It is the responsibility of the Employer to provide reasonable resources for the conduct of scholarly activity and its dissemination.
Scholarship. Significant research, scholarship and/or creative/artistic activities may require more concentrated effort to complete than a faculty member’s normal workload would allow, such as meeting a grant deadline, publication or other dissemination opportunity, dissertation deadline, etc. Assigning additional ELU for scholarly activities is not automatic, but shall be determined by the Director in consultation with the Xxxxxxx (or designee). Any additional ELU awarded shall be proportional to the anticipated additional effort required (equivalent to approximately 35 hours for the term). A faculty member receiving additional ELU loading under this provision will report on the outcome(s) of work performed for the additional loading as part of the Faculty Professional Annual Report (FPAR).
Scholarship. The standard of scholarship requires a working commitment to inquiry and research and to creative achievement. The University obligation for the generation of new knowledge and practices imposes a responsibility for creativity, whether in inquiry and investigation, writing, design and production, or in the performing and fine arts. In the best of scholars and the best of teachers, creative inquiry is joined with effective classroom teaching.
Scholarship. The University also recognizes the need to support faculty scholarship activities and may substitute scholarship duties for a portion of a full-time annual or full-time quarterly faculty teaching assignment. Such scholarship substitutions will be made by the University to individual faculty assignments for the purposes of strengthening selected academic programs or Faculty Development. This substitution shall be granted to individuals only. Annually, the University shall offer 18 separate reassignments of duty (each the equivalent of a 3-4 unit course) for engagement in scholarship, only. Faculty will apply to the Faculty Development Committee detailing the scholarly activity and expected progress to arise from the requested reassignment time. Faculty will also provide copies of their applications to the chair of their academic division and the xxxx of their college. A report on the outcome(s) of work performed during the release is to be submitted within three months of the affected term of release, copies of which will be available to the faculty development committee, Xxxx, and Xxxxxxx’x office. No future awards will be given in this category until the report is submitted. No departments shall be granted a department wide reduction in load. Division chairs will assign appropriate teaching and scholarship activity assignments when they submit the Schedule of Classes to the College Xxxx for approval.
Scholarship. The institution recognizes the value of continuous involvement in scholarly activity to effective instruction in the faculty member’s discipline. Each faculty member shall engage in scholarship activity consistent with the evaluation criteria in Article 8.
Scholarship. 3.1 The scholarship can be paid to the student of Mevlana Exchange Programme up to three times of monthly scholarship amount that is being paid to the undergraduate students as per the Law no.5102 on Granting Scholarship and Loan to the Higher Education Students.
Scholarship. Qualified Refunds for full scholarships that make the Contract Benefits of a Prepaid Tuition Contract unusable for undergraduate studies must be requested in writing. Documentation must be provided by the educational institution or authority issuing the scholarship and the documentation must be acceptable to the Program Administrator. If acceptable documentation is provided within the required timeframe and approved by the Program Administrator, the Program will amend the Contract to change the identity of the Beneficiary of the Contract under the conditions provided in Section 6.B or 6.C, or the Purchaser may choose to terminate the Contract pursuant to Section 10.B and receive a Qualified Refund. The Program may waive Program Cancellation Fees. The Beneficiary may also contact the Prepaid Tuition Program office for detailed information on program rules of using undergraduate program hours for graduate level coursework before the Contract is cancelled.
Scholarship. (a) The essentials of the scholarship component are as set out in Articles 5.4 and 8.6.
Scholarship. In this article, all modalities concerning the scholarship the student may receive are stipulated.