Regional and EU-wide Positive Externalities of the Project Sample Clauses

Regional and EU-wide Positive Externalities of the Project. The concerned NRAs note that the projects are essential elements in ending the Finnish gas isolation, and in first stage connecting Finland to the Baltic gas market and later to European gas market development. Thus, the projects generate positive externalities in terms of enhancement of competition and market integration, security of gas supply and sustainability in the Finnish-Baltic region, and contributes to the European energy policy goals.
Regional and EU-wide Positive Externalities of the Project. The concerned NRAs note that the project is essential to reduce price differences between market areas and to Finland’s security of supply. In addition the projects will increase capacity for North-South transmission of surplus hydro and wind power from Northern Scandinavia and connecting new wind power planned for the region, thus increasing renewable power generation. Also the project will reduce Finland’s dependency on electricity import from a Non- ENTSO country. Thus, the project generate positive externalities in terms of enhancement of competition and market integration, security of electricity supply and sustainability, and thus contributing to the European energy policy goals.

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  • Technical and Organizational Measures The following sections define SAP’s current technical and organizational measures. SAP may change these at any time without notice so long as it maintains a comparable or better level of security. Individual measures may be replaced by new measures that serve the same purpose without diminishing the security level protecting Personal Data.

  • Appropriate Technical and Organizational Measures SAP has implemented and will apply the technical and organizational measures set forth in Appendix 2. Customer has reviewed such measures and agrees that as to the Cloud Service selected by Customer in the Order Form the measures are appropriate taking into account the state of the art, the costs of implementation, nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing of Personal Data.

  • Technical and Organisational Measures (1) Before the commencement of processing, the Supplier shall document the execution of the necessary Technical and Organisational Measures, set out in advance of the awarding of the Order or Contract, specifically with regard to the detailed execution of the contract, and shall present these documented measures to the Client for inspection. Upon acceptance by the Client, the documented measures become the foundation of the contract. Insofar as the inspection/audit by the Client shows the need for amendments, such amendments shall be implemented by mutual agreement.

  • Accounting, Tax and Regulatory Matters No Triangle Company or any Affiliate thereof has taken or agreed to take any action, and Triangle has no Knowledge of any fact or circumstance that is reasonably likely, to (i) prevent the transactions contemplated hereby, including the Merger, from qualifying for pooling-of-interests accounting treatment, (ii) prevent the Merger from qualifying as a reorganization within the meaning of Section 368(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, or (iii) materially impede or delay receipt of any Consents of Regulatory Authorities referred to in Section 9.1(b) of this Agreement or result in the imposition of a condition or restriction of the type referred to in the last sentence of such Section.

  • Obligations and Activities of Business Associates (1) Business Associate agrees not to use or disclose PHI other than as permitted or required by this Section of the Contract or as Required by Law.

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENT A. Purpose In our rapidly changing society, teachers must constantly review curricular content, teaching methods and materials, educational philosophy and goals, social change, and other topics related to education. The Board recognizes that it shares with its professional staff responsibility for the upgrading and updating of teacher performance and attitudes. The Board and the Association support the principle of continuing training of teachers and the improvement of instruction. The parties further agree that each teacher should fulfill this obligation for professional improvement.

  • Obligations and Activities of Business Associate Business Associate agrees to:

  • Outside Activities of the Limited Partners Subject to the provisions of Section 7.5 and the Omnibus Agreement, which shall continue to be applicable to the Persons referred to therein, regardless of whether such Persons shall also be Limited Partners or Assignees, any Limited Partner or Assignee shall be entitled to and may have business interests and engage in business activities in addition to those relating to the Partnership, including business interests and activities in direct competition with the Partnership Group. Neither the Partnership nor any of the other Partners or Assignees shall have any rights by virtue of this Agreement in any business ventures of any Limited Partner or Assignee.

  • Responsibilities of Business Associate Business Associate agrees:

  • Regulatory Reporting Ultimus agrees to provide reports to the federal and applicable state authorities, including the SEC, and to the Funds’ Auditors. Applicable state authorities are those governmental agencies located in states in which the Fund is registered to sell shares.