Quality Control Tests Sample Clauses

Quality Control Tests. The contractor shall at his own cost set up laboratory at site of work to carry out the routine tests on materials which are to be used for the work. This laboratory shall be approved by the Registrar. The testing shall be done as per frequencies mentioned in the specification/ additional specification of each item of Schedule B. The 50% of the test included in Annexure "A" shall be carried out in Vigilance and Quality Control Laboratory at the cost of contractor and balance 50% in the site laboratory or if it is not possible to establish laboratory at site of work all the test mentioned in Annexure "A" shall be carried out in Vigilance and Quality Control Laboratory of Government (such as PWD, Government colleges etc.) at the cost of contractor.
Quality Control Tests. Until the parties execute the Quality Agreement, this Section 7.1 shall govern quality control; once the Quality Agreement is executed, it shall supplant this Section 7.1 in its entirety.
Quality Control Tests. The Supplier shall perform all applicable Quality Control Tests on each Product prior to shipment to AMO or its Affiliates. Each Lot of Products delivered to AMO or its Affiliates shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformance, fully completed by the Supplier, certifying that the Products have passed all applicable Quality Control Tests and fully comply with all Product Specifications.
Quality Control Tests. Third Wave shall disclose to Endogen particulars of the results of Third Wave's quality control tests carried out on the Third Wave Deliverables and Cleavase Enzymes provided hereunder if these particulars are requested by Endogen and will at the request of Endogen permit a duly authorized representative of Endogen to visit and review the quality control and quality assurance procedures of Third Wave with respect to the Third Wave Deliverables and Cleavase Enzymes provided hereunder.

Related to Quality Control Tests

  • Quality Control Program The Contractor shall describe the Quality Control Program in a written document which shall be reviewed by the Engineer prior to the start of any production, construction, or off-site fabrication. The written Quality Control Program shall be submitted to the Engineer for review at least ten (10) calendar days before the start of construction. The Quality Control Program shall be organized to address, as a minimum, the following items:

  • Quality Control A. Controlled Affiliate agrees to use the Licensed Marks and Name only in connection with the licensed services and further agrees to be bound by the conditions regarding quality control shown in attached Exhibit A as they may be amended by BCBSA from time-to-time.

  • Alcohol Testing A breathalyzer or similar test equipment shall be used to screen for alcohol use and if positive shall be confirmed by a blood alcohol test performed by the laboratory. The screening test shall be performed by an individual qualified through and utilizing equipment certified by the State of California. An initial positive alcohol level shall be .08 grams per 210 L. of breath. If initial testing results are negative, testing shall be discontinued, all samples destroyed and records of the testing expunged from the employee's file. If initial testing results are positive, the test shall be confirmed using a blood alcohol level. Sampling handling procedures, as detailed in Section 4, shall apply. A positive blood alcohol level shall be .08 grams per 100 ml of blood. If confirmatory testing results are negative all samples shall be destroyed and records of the testing expunged from the employee's file.

  • Health plan specification The Employer will require health plans participating in the Group Insurance Program to develop and implement health promotion and health education programs for State employees and their dependents.

  • Performance Tests Contractor shall perform Performance Tests in accordance with Section 11.2 of the Agreement and Attachment S.

  • Post-Commercial Operation Date Testing and Modifications Each Party shall at its own expense perform routine inspection and testing of its facilities and equipment in accordance with Good Utility Practice as may be necessary to ensure the continued interconnection of the Large Generating Facility with the Participating TO’s Transmission System in a safe and reliable manner. Each Party shall have the right, upon advance written notice, to require reasonable additional testing of the other Party’s facilities, at the requesting Party’s expense, as may be in accordance with Good Utility Practice.

  • Drug Testing The Employer may require the employee to submit to a legally recognized drug or alcohol test at the Employer’s expense if the Employer has reasonable grounds to believe the employee is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Reasonable grounds will not be required for drug or alcohol testing when an employee suffers an on-the-job injury. An employee who tests positive shall be entitled to have a second test performed using a different disclosure method to verify the accuracy of the test results. Time spent in such testing shall be on Company time; however, any employee refusing to submit to a drug or alcohol test shall be taken off the clock effective with the time of the Employer’s request. An employee who refuses to take a drug or alcohol test upon request shall be subject to termination.

  • Performance Testing 7.2.1 The Design-Builder shall direct and supervise the tests and, if necessary, the retests of the Plant using Design-Builder’s supervisory personnel and the Air Emissions Tester shall conduct the air emissions test, in each case, in accordance with the testing procedures set forth in Exhibit A (the “Performance Tests”), to demonstrate, at a minimum, compliance with the Performance Guarantee Criteria. Owner is responsible for obtaining Air Emissions Tester and for ensuring Air Emissions Tester’s timely performance. Design-Builder shall cooperate with the Air Emissions Tester to facilitate performance of all air emissions tests. Design-Builder shall not be held responsible for the actions of Owner’s employees and third parties involved in the Performance Testing, including but not limited to Air Emissions Tester.

  • DRUG/ALCOHOL TESTING Drug/alcohol testing shall be conducted solely for administrative purposes and the results obtained shall not be used in criminal proceedings. Under no circumstances may the results of drug/alcohol screening or testing be released to a third party for use in a criminal prosecution against the affected employee. The City conducts the following types of drug/alcohol testing to determine if employees are in compliance with this policy and associated rules of conduct: pre- employment, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident. In addition, employees are tested prior to returning to duty after a positive drug or alcohol test and subject to follow-up testing conducted during the course of a rehabilitation program recommended by a substance abuse professional. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) reviews test results and determines which tests are positive and which are negative. The City shall test for the following drugs: marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), cocaine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, methaqualone, and propoxyphene.. An initial drug screen is conducted on each specimen. For those specimens that are not negative, a confirmatory gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) test is performed. The test is considered positive if the amounts present are above the minimum thresholds established in 49 CFR Part 40. An alcohol concentration of .04 percent or greater is considered a positive alcohol test, and in violation of this policy. If a drug or alcohol test produces a positive result, the City may take such actions as authorized in Section 14.6 herein. Sick leave and/or other paid leave may be used while participating in a rehabilitation program. Otherwise, the employee will be placed on leave without pay until return to work following a negative alcohol/ drug test and authorization by the SAP.

  • Quality Control Procedures The Seller shall, or shall cause the Interim Servicer to, have an internal quality control program that verifies, on a regular basis, the existence and accuracy of the legal documents, credit documents, property appraisals, and underwriting decisions. The program shall include evaluating and monitoring the overall quality of the Seller's loan production and the servicing activities of the Interim Servicer. The program is to ensure that the Mortgage Loans are originated in accordance with the Underwriting Guidelines; guard against dishonest, fraudulent, or negligent acts; and guard against errors and omissions by officers, employees, or other authorized persons.