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PUBLISH. Please email this completed form, along with the policy/strategy and any other relevant information1 to xxxxxxxx@xxx.xx.xx for publishing on the Equality and Diversity website and annual reporting in line with Equality Act 2010 requirements.
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PUBLISH distribute or make available the Licensed Materials, vvorks based on the Licensed Materials or works which combine them with any other materiál;
PUBLISH. In consideration of the publication by the JEFE of the above named manuscript, the undersigned as Author(s) transfers exclusively to the JEFE all rights defined by the Copyright Law of the United States in and to the above named manuscript in its entirety, including all subsidiary rights. The rights transferred herein shall remain the property of the JEFE for the full duration of these rights under the Copyright Law of the United States. If it should become necessary, the Author(s) agree(s) to assist the JEFE in registering the Copyright in the name of the JEFE. The JEFE, in turn, grants to the Author(s) the right to republication in any work in which he or she is the author or editor. The JEFE further grants to the Author(s) the right to distribute the above-noted work in any classroom in which he or she is teacher, subject only to the Author(s) giving proper credit in any such derivative work and on any copies distributed for classroom use. Proper notice may be given as follows: [Copyright, 1998, Journal of Economics and Finance Education; reproduced with permission of the Journal of Economics and Finance Education.]

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  • Disseminate The term “Disseminate,” when referring to a notice or other information to be sent by the Depositary to Owners, shall mean (i) sending that information to Owners in paper form by mail or another means or (ii) with the consent of Owners, another procedure that has the effect of making the information available to Owners, which may include (A) sending the information by electronic mail or electronic messaging or (B) sending in paper form or by electronic mail or messaging a statement that the information is available and may be accessed by the Owner on an Internet website and that it will be sent in paper form upon request by the Owner, when that information is so available and is sent in paper form as promptly as practicable upon request.

  • Publishing Unless approved by the Company in writing, I will not publish anything in the Company’s business areas of interest during my Relationship with the Company.

  • Right to Publish Throughout the duration of this Master Agreement, Contractor must secure from the Lead State prior approval for the release of information that pertains to the potential work or activities covered by the Master Agreement. This limitation does not preclude publication about the award of the Master Agreement or marketing activities consistent with any proposed and accepted marketing plan. The Contractor shall not make any representations of NASPO ValuePoint’s opinion or position as to the quality or effectiveness of the services that are the subject of this Master Agreement without prior written consent. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in termination of the Master Agreement for cause.

  • Publication No copies of sketches, schedules, written documents, computer based data, photographs, maps or graphs, including graphic art Work, resulting from performance or prepared in connection with this Contract, are to be released by Contractor and/or anyone acting under the supervision of Contractor to any person, partnership, company, corporation, or agency, without prior written approval by the County, except as necessary for the performance of the services of this Contract. All press contacts, including graphic display information to be published in newspapers, magazines, etc., are to be administered only after County approval.

  • Scientific Publications During the Research Program Term, neither Party shall first publish or first present in a public forum the scientific or technical results of any activity performed pursuant to this Agreement without the opportunity for prior review and comment by the other Party. Each Party agrees to provide the other Party with the opportunity to review any proposed abstract, manuscript or scientific presentation (including any verbal presentation) that relates to its activities performed pursuant to this Agreement during the Research Program Term, at least [**] days prior to its intended submission for publication and agrees, upon request, not to submit any such abstract or manuscript for publication until the other Party is given a reasonable period of time up to [**] to secure patent protection for any material in such publication that it believes to be patentable. Both Parties understand that a reasonable commercial strategy may require delay of publication of information or filing of patent applications first with respect to activities performed or results obtained pursuant to this Agreement during the Research Program Term, or not to publish at all if necessary to preserve trade secrets. The Parties agree to review and decide whether to delay publication of such information to permit filing of patent applications. Neither Party shall have the right to publish or present any Confidential Information of the other Party, except as provided in Section 9.2. After the Research Program Term, each Party and its Affiliates may publish or present results, data or scientific findings of any of their activities without the prior review of the other Party, provided that such publication or presentation does not disclose any of the other Party’s Confidential Information. Nothing contained in this Section 9.3 shall prohibit the inclusion of information necessary for a patent application; provided that the non-filing Party is given a reasonable opportunity to review the information to be included prior to submission of such patent application in accordance with Section 8.2. Nothing contained in this Section 9.3 shall prohibit either Party from disclosing the results, data or scientific findings of any activity performed by the other Party or its Affiliates pursuant to this Agreement without prior review and prior written consent of the other Party, where required, as reasonably determined by the disclosing Party’s legal counsel, by applicable law; provided that if a Party is required by law to make any such disclosure, to the extent it may legally do so, it will give reasonable advance notice to the other Party of such disclosure and will use its reasonable efforts to secure confidential treatment of such information prior to its disclosure (whether through protective orders or otherwise).

  • Regulatory Information (a) All the notaries at De Pinna LLP are regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Its address is The Faculty Office, 0 Xxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX, its telephone: 000 0000 0000, and it can be reached by email at It also has a website at

  • Disparaging Comments The Participant agrees that during the period of the Participant's employment with the Company and thereafter, the Participant shall not make any disparaging or defamatory comments regarding the Company or, after termination of his employment relationship with the Company, make any comments concerning any aspect of the termination of their relationship. The obligations of the Participant under this subsection shall not apply to disclosures required by applicable law, regulation or order of any court or governmental agency.

  • Non-Publication The parties mutually agree not to disclose publicly the terms of this Agreement except to the extent that disclosure is mandated by applicable law or regulation or to their respective advisors (e.g., attorneys, accountants).

  • zone Information Publication ICANN’s publication of root-zone contact information for the TLD will include Registry Operator and its administrative and technical contacts. Any request to modify the contact information for the Registry Operator must be made in the format specified from time to time by ICANN at xxxx://

  • Statistical Information Any third-party statistical and market-related data included in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Disclosure Package and the Prospectus are based on or derived from sources that the Company believes to be reliable and accurate in all material respects.

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